Some thoughts regarding Bethesda’s Fallout games.

fallout 1 - Some thoughts regarding Bethesda's Fallout games.

I've just watched the VinylicPuma video (you may like him or not, but I think that his F76 videos are better than the obscene amount of repetitive rambling videos) and I mostly agree with his toughts, but I would add two more:

First: Bethesda, stop making like the Interplay/Obsidian Fallouts don't exist. And I don't mean this just because they ignore the lore explanations and that stuff. I'm also refering to the RPG mechanics like the reputation from NV. Bethesda literally ignored everything great from NV and the only improvement from F3 is the gunplay and slightly better graphics/animations. And as Fudgemuppet said, it is not a matter of "casual players won't understand". Lots of teenagers played NV and the reputation/perks are completly understandable, and people PRAISE them. Bethesda has a phylosophy of removing stuff instead of improving. You can see this by watching some interviews with Todd and Emil.

Removing unnecesary stuff is understandable, and can improve a franchise. But Bethesda doesn't do that. They butcher the RPG side of their games because they think that "those aren't fun". Well, then explain why people is so hyped with Cyberpunk, The Outer Worlds, or why games like KOTOR, DAO, PoE, and FNV were succesful and they are highly praised. .


Second: Bethesda, Fallout isn't a meme. It's not your saturady-morning child cartoon with some gore on it. Fallout was born as a game about serious and crude topics. They showed you the worst face of mankind, and throw the player into a true wasteland, where you will die if you aren't careful. AND THEY DID THIS PART RIGHT IN FALLOUT 3. That game wasn't perfect, but at least it felt like Fallout. The Capital Wasteland was plagued with misery, slavery, murderers and the list goes on. Even water could kill you there because it was poisoned. And there were actual consequences if you killed everyone (remember Megaton). But Fallout 4 felt like a theme park. That game doesn't want to touch serious topics. Instead it wants you to give you 100k ammo, stimpaks and healing items. And in most endings of the main story, the character commits a fu*king GENOCIDE. You literally destroy one of the last hubs of science and tech in the post-apocaliptic America. Tech that could save HUNDREDS of lives. You kill dozens of scientists and engineers, and most of them aren't really bad people, just because "huhuh synths are more important than saving actual people" or because the Brotherhood told you so (And why the BoS destroys the Institute? They could instead capture it and use the tech and research for their personal gain. I think that would be way more clever than fu*king destroying hundreds of years of research).

And why? Why the ending of F4 doesn´t make any sense? Because Bethesda wanted to give the player a "cool explosion". That's it. No one questions your actions. the world continues. You are literally the villain, but the game instead of making the player think about their actions, gives you cooler weapons and "HEY WAS THAT EXPLOSION FUN. HUHUH LET'S KILL MORE THINGS WHILE LISTENING TO THE COOL RADIO". What a shame.

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