Some Very general Advice

fallout 5 - Some Very general Advice

This is based on both my playthrough and some of the rookie mistakes I see being made by players so far in there replays

  1. As soon as you can set up your camp and build a stash box. then break down your camp and bring it with you for a bit. Basically you should think of it as 400 pounds of inconvenient backpack storage. you may also want to add Weapon and armor workbenches soon after for convenience. Don't whine about not wanting to build settlements, you can handle occasionally popping the Camp out to dump loot and do repairs. Frankly it is more of a convenience to use CAMP for this than trying to find the right workbench, but its honestly up to you.
  2. every time you see a workbench Break down your junk. Its lighter that way.
  3. Every time you see a weapon or armor bench Repair your armor or Weapon, also again Scrap your junk!
  4. Turn off the Freaking pipboy light, Even if your not sneaking Hostiles can see your pip boy long before they see you, especially underground or at night. The Game is literally coded that way, and if you are sneaking, at night you will not be getting sneak crits because you are shining a bloody light on yourself.
  5. The low food-water indicator is not there to be ignored. Do so at your own risk.
  6. Yes you can eat your own cooking, I don't care if you think its to gross. beats being dead
  7. Keep your inventory cleaned out of stuff your not going to use. if you have duplicate weapons, either Scrap them, or sell them. You Don't need multiple copies of the hunting rifle in your inventory, repair does not work that way. its takes scrap to repair your kit.
  8. While this may be soft core survival, you are still limited by what you can carry. Keep your CAMP handy and-or know where the "Your Stash" boxes are.
  9. Some of the things you remember from Fallout 3-NV-4 DO NOT WORK THAT WAY ANYMORE. Just for one example Generic Glasses do not give a perception bonus. Repair now takes the appropriate workbench and junl-salvage, not by slapping 2 copies of the same weason together
  10. A number of outfits will fit over and completely hide Armor. this is by design. Don't let me catch anyone else wondering why the guy in the Jumpsuit is taking almost no damage.


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