Some very in-depth findings on the Shredder Minigun mod and gun bashing in general.

fallout 1 - Some very in-depth findings on the Shredder Minigun mod and gun bashing in general.

I've done about 8 hours of continuous trial and error testing here to discover everything I possible can about the mod and how best to scale it. I've also updated the wiki with my findings.

To start, the Shredder is a minigun mod unlocked with Gun Nut rank 2 that adds a continuous gun bashing feature when you have no 5mm rounds left.

My findings are as follows:

The damage is only scaled (by perks) by the Basher perk.

It is not affected whatsoever by the following:

Big Leagues


Lone Wanderer 3

Bloody Mess


Accelerated Barrels

Melee Bobblehead

Grognak Comics

Almost every legendary effect

It is however affected by the following:


Power Armor


Overdrive % Crit (but not the % damage)

Better Criticals

'Lucky' Legendary Effects

An interesting find is that the Accelerated Barrels mod does not increase DPS whatsoever. Upon using footage recorded using a 120 fps camera and the Floating Damage Mod I can confirm that the rate of fire of the minigun and the attack rate of the Shredder are completely independent. Even using the Slower Barrels did not affect it in any way.

The Shredder bashes at a rate of 20 times per second, and can not be modified in any way.

I've also determined the base damage of the mod is around 15 before damage reduction, meaning a base DPS of 300. This explains why it's so overpowered in the early game, as an automatic pipe rifle might do 150-200 DPS, requires reloads, uses ammo, and has to be aimed.


Another interesting find is that although almost every single legendary effect doesn't work because they affect the gun's shot component and not the bash, the Lucky prefix in fact does work, and heavily scales the Shredder's critical damage. This is huge, and a massive boon for any Shredder only characters.

Power armor completely negates the AP cost of using the shredder, but in my testing also gives it a hidden damage boost completely outside of the additional strength. 11 Strength in Power Armor does solidly more damage than 11 Strength outside of it. I believe this carries over to all gun bashing.

Chems like Psycho do not affect gun bashing damage, however the % critical strike chance from Overdrive does.

Strength itself also scales gun bashing very well.

Better Criticals also works, and in conjunction with the 15% chance from Basher 4, the 25% chance from Overdrive, and the double crit damage from the Lucky Legendary effect, our damage absolutely skyrockets.

Shredder builds are known to be OP as hell early, and then slowly deteriorate in effectiveness into the mid to end game as the damage hits a wall. Here is how to completely maximize your DPS:

Lucky Minigun with Shredder

Basher 4

Better Criticals 3

Power Armor

Military Paint for Power Armor

Weight Bench from Vault-Tec Workshop




Chemist 4

Dirty Wastelander

Party Boy 2

Doing all of this will get you absolutely absurd DPS, and some of the easiest stunlock kills you've ever seen.

Hope you enjoy ripping up the Wasteland in style!

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