Something Is Up With Anti-Armor Melee Weapons

fallout 8 - Something Is Up With Anti-Armor Melee Weapons

So my month-long quest for a Junkie+swing speed war glaive landed me an Anti-Armor + swing speed one (thanks Mumbles, at first sarcastically but later unironically with glee, as you will soon see), annoying me but also getting me to say "screw it, good enough" and deciding to do some test runs. I chose super mutants because they have high armor values across the board, which resulted in some really, REALLY ridiculous test results that shouldn't even be possible.

For those unaware, armor penetration is, or maybe was, multiplicative, meaning that with Incisor, Anti Armor only gives a piddly, laughable 12.5% armor pierce because 75% armor pierce leaves 25% remaining armor, and 50% of 25% is 12.5% armor pierce from Anti Armor.

Which makes me scratching my head with a jaw that dropped to the floor when for some reason, i'm doing around 50% more damage with Anti Armor compared to without it rather than the expectedly piddly 12.5%.

To run the numbers, i smacked a lvl60 Super Mutant Overlord as my test dummy for about 214 damage with a Anti-Armor Cryo blade War Glaive with Incisor off. Okay, that's about right because the glaive's damage is 104 ballistic and 127 cryo. About the same damage as the base damage of the total damage values with some minor negation thanks to half the super mutant's remaining armor.

Then i slap on Incisor, and get 322 damage. My brain basically just paused and thought "Nani dafuq?" I repeated this test on other super mutants, putting Incisor on and off, with consistent results (low 200ish damage without incisor, and low-mid 300s with it). For some reason, the Anti Armor + Incisor effect is resulting in MUCH more damage than the actual weapon's total listed damage (should be about 231 tops), in fact even eclipsing the numbers that Junkies would add (i looked at the theoretical junkies damage by equipping a junkies weapon, then scrolling to the AA War Glaive to find +20 ballistic and +30 cryo), which is only about half the possible added damage that the Anti Armor is doing for whatever reason. I was only using light attacks, not power attacks, nor running attacks, nor jumping attacks, to make the testing as consistent as possible.


And just to make sure that the Anti Armor + Incisor was the culprit, i pulled out a Mutant's cryo modded War Glaive (a previous failed pull), and got similar damage to the no-Incisor Anti Armor variant despite using Incisor (did like 10 more damage with Incisor, compared to Anti Armor glaive without Incisor).

This makes me wonder if, regarding One Wasteland's purge of multiplicative damage modifiers, it also happened to Anti Armor calculations to create negative armor values for enemies with enough armor pierce, resulting in -125% armor with Incisor + Anti Armor if they are now additive. Because if so…then wow Junkies' is straight up out of the job for melee. This would also explain how and why Anti Armor has now been able to get similar damage numbers to Junkies and Bloodied on the many recent gun tests because stacking armor pierce mods with armor pierce would have become much more powerful from being additive rather than multiplicative. I'm also now wondering what the numbers would becomes with arm armors modded for Weighted, since that would add +20% more armor pierce into this.

TL;DR Anti-Armor + Incisor is adding damage instead of just piercing armor, presumably from creating negative armor values on enemies. It is super stronk to the point being better than Junkies with no addiction side effects. Guns are still probably better off with Junkies'/Bloodied however since they can't reach armor pierce numbers going over 100%.

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