State of the economy

fallout 2 - State of the economy

I'll preface this by saying I'm on xbox and have been playing since a month after launch.

The economy is in trouble. Things are about to get much worse. We are about a month away from caps being completely useless.

At the heart of the issue is drop rates. Saying they're bad is an understatement. I challenge the entire subreddit to produce one player that thinks drop rates are right where they should be, or are overly generous. Legendary drops are far greater than 95% garbage. The number is probably closer to 99-99.5% garbage. If you are a casual player, i can pretty confidently say you will likely never have anything great drop from now until the day you stop playing. I have a combined 275 levels on my characters and do not use anything that's ever dropped for me.

Dupes hid the issue. They singlehandedly kept the cap economy alive. Dupers would sell great weapons and armour for 2k. So if you had some great roll, you had no issue selling it for 20k. It meant you could buy 10 other great things. Dupers would pay a lot for unique stuff and sell copies cheap. Confidence in caps was at an all time high.

Fast forward to today. Everything i see that i would like is not available for any amount of caps. We have a barter economy of the worst kind. "Hey in rolled a very specific thing and would like to trade it for another very specific thing". The guy that has that specific thing wont trade because he's holding out for a different specific thing. Neither of them will sell the things they have and dont want because they'll lose their ability to aquire any desired specific thing if all they have is currency because currency is now useless.


Drop rates NEED to be improved for this game to survive. When there was lots of good stuff in the economy (dupes), caps were valuable. Now that there isn't much good stuff, caps are useless. You can hit max caps in like 2 weeks. You will very likely not roll anything good (or that you want) in 2 weeks of play.

We also need some great vendor exclusive stuff. We need to start sucking caps out of the economy. Good drops will get people using them, but right now caps go into the economy and very seldomly go out. We're all gonna hit max and then it'll be a traffic jam where nobody can sell because they cant take more in.

This is a compounding problem. I spent my first couple months acquiring power armour plans to open my dream dealership. I was gonna sell fully checked out armour. Now that i can, i dont. I can make every peice of every armour, jetpacks, shocks, optimised and hud on everything. I have over 800 lbs of junk ready to build any armour i want. But I'm almost at max caps on all my characters so I've just withdrawn my services from market participation altogether. So now caps dont buy RNG drops and they dont buy craftable items either, becoming even more useless.

My suggestion is simple; good (and expensive) vendor exclusives and a big huge buff to drop rate/quality. Trading was my favorite part of the game and I'm no longer able to participate.

I'm not just dumping on the game. I love it. I'm having a lot of fun cruising Appalachia with my friends. I'm a huge fallout fan and 76 is no exception. Thanks for reading!

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