Static Legendary effects need a buff to be more viable/desirable

fallout 5 - Static Legendary effects need a buff to be more viable/desirable

Any legendary effect that is static (has no perk card options to increase damage) deserves a buff to be more viable in the game. For example, 2shot. TSE was pretty dang OP and had the ability to be buffed by explosive perk cards so explosive getting nerf'd is understandable. 2shot has no perk options to buff it but 2shot got nerf'd with the explosive effect. This nerf made the 2shot effect pretty damn useless. Here is a small list of effects I feel deserve some changes.

2shot effect should do double base damage (or something reasonable to make it decent or worth using) due to it having no perk/mutation options to increase it. a 25% increase of base damage is nothing.

Nocturnal should do more damage (maybe double at peak night time) and have a minimum base increase during the day, not decrease during the day.

Berserker should be extremely high with no armor on. high risk, high reward. similar to how bloodied is crazy high at low health.. Berserker weapons even with no armor are useless right now.

Hunter (animals), Exterminator (bugs and mirelurks). Ghoulslayer (ghouls), Troubleshooter (robots), Zaelots (scorched), and Mutant slayer (super mutants) should be higher % increase considering they are VERY specific to 1 type of enemy. These should also roll with 90% weight reduction to make carrying 1 of each a viable option.

Anti armor (edit, melee weapons) should ignore more of your enemies armor, or stack with incisor. Tests have proved this effect is useless with melee if you use incisor. AA ranged deserves a buff since it is lower than incisor and doesn't stack. incisor ignores 75%, AA only ignores 50%. AA should be 75% for weapons alleviating the need of incisor, or go up to 100% if used with incisor/melee.


Junkies should increase more damage per withdrawal effect as maintaining the current required number of withdrawal effects for sought after damage increase is too material intensive to maintain making it less viable. increase damage per withdrawal effect, or lower the number needed to consume for each withdrawal effect to kick in. very few people even try to use Junkies because of this odd balance.

Mutant's effect should be higher than 10% if the user is mutated or stack with each mutation. Nobody uses them just because we are mutated. The increase is so minimal this effect is basically useless as it doesn't stack or buff with any perk card aside from the base of what the actual item already is. IE, Mutants shotgun is increased by shotgun perks and only 10% by legendary effect. at least make this 25% like 2shot and explosive AND make these weapons increase with strange in numbers or something..

My ideas of increase/buff per lackluster effect are just examples of how they could be better and i'm just trying to bring attention to the insufficient increases that make the majority of current legendary items useless. This makes trader markets go crazy over very specific current meta items, and all others end up in public storage boxes all over the map. Yes there is a legendary vendor coming, but that doesn't fix or help the majority of useless effects currently out there. Bethesda shouldn't be focusing on nerf'ing viable options that we build on to be as weak (their way of "balancing") as everything else. They should be buffing weak options to give us gamers more viable builds to choose from.


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