“Statistical breakdown” of almost 2 days of “intensive” legendaries farming.

fallout 2 - "Statistical breakdown" of almost 2 days of "intensive" legendaries farming.

Two days of rain, i slapped my bum on the chair and i decided to farm legendaries, for shit and giggles, plus because i'm really lacking on this.

Server hopping, events, legendaries spawn points, and all led to the magnificent grand total of… 93 legendaries.

Of these 93 legendaries (various levels, from 10 to 50), 68 are armor pieces, 25 are weapons. I didn't seen any correlation between the enemy and the dropped loot.

The 93 legendaries are splitted in 1 star (54), 2 stars (25) and 3 stars (14). I noticed that a lot of three stars enemy dropped most of the time loot with two or one star, but the two stars enemies almost every time dropped two stars loot. One star enemy and normal legendary enemy dropped one star loot.


-To get this loot i made a few circuits: i started at the Whitespring Golf Course, farming enemies back and forth a few times.
Result: only normal legendaries or one star, only two times i found a two star (a glowing ghoul and a something deathclaw).

-Then i switched to Watoga: running around in the streets, up to the powerstation, back to both the Repair Yard and the flooded station, then running at AMS headquarter, emergency services and civic center. Rinse and repeat.
Result: well, something nice definitley came out. Mostly 1-2 star enemy, just a few of normal legendary, and five 3 star enemies.

-Time to the not connected zones: The General Steakhouse, West-Tek research center, Huntersville, Bog Town, Harpers Ferry, etc.
Result: Jesus Christ, the desolation. Of the 20 times i ran those places, i found only 2 two star enemy and one 3 star. But i got plenty of ammo and grenades.


-Uranium Fever, as usual 3 legendary enemies, sometimes all 3 star, sometimes a single 3 star and other two random.
It's possible that a legendary without stars will spawn, seems random, as it happened alone and with other players.


-A Violent Night, a legendary 2-3 star wendigo at the end, plus a lot of crowned enemies. Funny part: if you play it with other players (at least 4, maybe ?) will some of the crowned enemies will turn into normal legendary or one star legendary.

-SBQ Event, well… It's the most inconsistent thing i have ever seen. A three star enemy, most of the time (when the bastard thing didn't glitch) i found 1-2 star loot. Sometimes it spawned up to three drops.

-AWOL Armaments, nothing to say, never disappoints. Well, it gives a three star loot, but is still useless rubbish. A single 3 stars robot, plus rarely another inside or a supermutant.

-ENCLAVE Events, of the countless i have done, only one time i found a normal legendary.

-Horde Events, little note here: WTF ?!?! Even those spawned in high level areas, i always find level 40-54+ enemies, and at the center a single level 10-20 two-three star enemy. I found a level 15 handmade, with even decent rolls. Level 15, out a level 68 ghouls !

Almost all of those events (plus others) give another random legendary at the end.

At the end, i found nothing really usable, except from some good rolls of armor with Assassin, Chamelon and Sentinel. All thing i don't use, god damnit. Still caps worth, at least.

A metric ton of Nocturnal, Junkie, Mutant's. Plus every piece of armor was an Auto Stim. I'm probably going to OD the next time someone shot me.

And rolling pins, walking canes, and god knows what.

Result: Of 93 legendaries, only 15 were worth keeping (4) or selling to players (11).

PS: i also had images, but thank to my sillyness, i have a folder full of amazing shots of a full black screen. Goddamn, F12, you failed me !

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