Steal my idea and make this game!

fallout 3 - Steal my idea and make this game!

I have been playing Fallout since I was a kid, apart from playing games like Super Mario, Sonic, Zelda and so on, the game I remember the most is Fallout 1 and 2, I remember how I didn't even know english and just fell in love with the game itself, the freedom it gave you, the awesome locations and cool encounters you could find and all the branching possibilities. That feeling when you replayed it and suddenly you realize how different things can turn out. Ever since then I have been absolutely in love with the Fallout universe.

But there is a story I have been dreaming about experiencing and I would like to share it with you all.

This story would take place in a massive vault for a big part of the game, imagine the the size of Bioshocks "Rapture" but fully functioning with the freedom to move around everywhere.

You grow up in the vault and experience life as you age, similar to Fallout 3, however the growing up periods are longer, involve quests and choices may alter future events. This time you get to choose what part of the vault you grow up in, making the story different depending on what environment you grow up.

Possible starting points could be as an outcast in the bowls of the vault, grow up as a normal citizen, into a rebel family, or something else?

As you age the vault also expands, new constructions and new sections are always being built to accommodate for the growing population. As to show that this vault is fully equipped to be sustainable and very much a living city compared to a normal vault.

The main story will be about the events that led to the war and uncovering the truth, and ending in an invasion of the Wasteland. The Brotherhood is becoming stronger and stronger so is the NCR after claiming the Hoover Dam, it's time for the Wasteland to band together for the future of everything.

The Vault:

The vault is The Prime Vault. Meaning this is the vault where all the Vault-Tec executives were before the war. This is the vault where all data is sent, this is where the all clear signal can be broadcasted.

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The Prime Vault has been gathering research from all vaults this whole time and incorporated the technology and information to benefit them. Think back to all the experiments we have uncovered, they know and possess all that information and much more.

The whole of North America is mapped with the help of the GPS in the Pip-Boy, which is also fitted with a microphone, radio and all kind of things that can be used to spy through. They are a faction that will change the face of the wasteland forever.

Events leading to the war:


My theory has always been that Vault-Tec started the war, they had all vaults and experiments in place, some experiments are, even for the Fallout universe, extremely horrendous, if the vaults ever opened to the public and the truth came out it would be the end for too many powerful people.

The cold war had been going a long time, the Chinese lost a great battle, a battle they needed for resources. In China, people needed to be blamed and new people came to power, people who were willing to finally negotiate for peace.

Secret peace meetings continue to go well. Vault-Tec gets worried, if there's peace, all plans will be lost, so they take action.

They enact a prepared plan where several nukes have been planted with devices that let's them be hijacked. The devices have been planted on both the Chinese and American side.

They launch the nukes from the safety of their vault and bide their time. They also launch many of their own nukes, which is why we can find a bomb with the Vault-Tec insignia.


As we know Vault-Tec had a mission to colonize other planets, which is why the Prime Vault is located on the moon, far from prying eyes and pesky laws. Which also allows us to wander the surface of the moon and discover cool locations like the moon landing site, the crashed remains alien ships, or even a moon farm, as to reference Futurama.

The Executives:

The people behind everything, by keeping themselves in the shadows and letting other parade in their places, they have always been the ones in charge. With the Great Game in mind, they play to win, by any means necessary, even the destruction of society. Due to the speed the end had to come, some things were not ready for he execs, like the Cryogenic technology. But after monitoring the Fallout 4 vault they got all the data they needed to keep themselves alive til the present day.

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Possible Factions:

  • Vault-Tec

  • Rebels trying to overthrow the leadership

  • Outcast living in the bowls of the ship as non-citizens

  • Ghouls from New Vegas, they only made it to the moon and crashed, thanks to MagicKarpet76 for pointing that out earlier

  • Escaped FEV patients hiding in a hidden colony on the surface

  • Aliens from Mothership Zeta who crashlanded and forms a colony while they wait for rescue

Discuss with me, what do you think? In the way of lore it could work very well with some fine tuning. Re-post since the last one was removed for being posted in the wrong place, let's try again. Edit: Can't spell for shit sometimes

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