Steel post can no longer be placed on top of each other

fallout 2 - Steel post can no longer be placed on top of each other

so now Steel posts can no longer be stacked on top of each other or on top of the staircase. Bethesda, do you know how hard it is to build anything other than a box in this game??? Why do you keep fixing what's not broken?

Everything is always green but can't be placed because its "Floating" or some dumb shit. WHEN ITS ACTUALLY NOT!!!

You literally went back and "fixed" the Clean Flag and the glass walls by making them dirty.

You "fixed" the walls and made them so they cant snap from roofs without a floor

You "fixed" the double-wall technique but then put it back because we complained

Bethesda has this VERY BAD habit of "fixing" what's not broken, while at the same time, breaking more of the game only to repeat this process over and over again.

Bethesda most of the items in your CAMP building system are broken, why not fix those items? You literally sell BROKEN items in your broken shit atomic shop store for atoms that we have to pay real money for because you got rid of our daily atoms but you won't fix those items??? You'd rather make base building worse?? Break more stuff??

Here are some of your broken CAMP building items

Ally tab

A lot of the times Allies dont even work, they say the same shit over and over again and don't even give you quest. They sometimes stay in the same spot for hrs and they move mostly by teleporting.

Walls Tab

You have a door with a keypad on the WRONG SIDE!! To top it all off, you cant even paint these walls

The door that comes with the red rocket prefab is broke as shit, it doesn't rotate like a normal object and when placed it glitches for everyone. While you see the door open, other players see the door closed


We can paint all the big floors but the small floors cant be painted?


These shits are broken, do no real damage, destroy fast, won't attack hostile NPC's because of distance and they even occasionally attack non-hostile NPCs for no reason

The spotlight works once then you gotta rewire it every time you come back to your CAMP to get it to work


Some items dont snap, some crash your game if you replace them.

Artillery has always been broken

the communist gates make no damn sense, funny rotation, they snap weirdly, wont snap to floors and they have these unnecessary long poles under the gates making them hard as hell to place on concrete.


Some are not bright enough, some dont work, some are too bright, its a mess


Big as annoying scavenger bot with the computer weirdly placed on the side while the stash is placed in the back. <These bots say the same annoying dialog over and over, allow us to turn the voice off.

That weirdly made ammo converter

The Brahmin always dies randomly, I watched him die multiple times for no reason



Are terrible but they exist, Id rather place items on any table but hey. So the question is

Why the F#$ck do you have a display and a shelves tab? Make the damn shelves….DISPLAYS.

Floor Decor

Why cant we place flora on floors? If not any floor then why not at least let us place them on dirt tiles?

Wall Decor

Wall decor is a hoax, they go inside of walls, they disappear when painting walls, the file cabinets are BROKEN, they don't even place correctly

You placed Vendor Signs in the wrong damn tab. These go in the Floor decor tab


The Brotherhood tower is the biggest laggiest item in the game And we have to pay CASH for that. No atoms. Cash. Place it down, then try and move it again. It lags. Most of the big ass items in this tab are laggy.


The Vault doors are all a mess, all 3 of these shits. They don't even make sense. Why not give us a stackable block with a Vault elevator inside. or a stackable type block that we can place doors on

Vault Doors can be placed anywhere, so, players literally place them anywhere. I've seen one player make a Long bride from the edge of a cliff and place the vault door at the end of it. Nothing behind it. Nothing Under it. Just a door that leads to a massive underground vault. This is the most immersive breakin shit Ive ever seen. You can give us some type of small institute-type of teleporter for shit like this but vault doors should only be placable on the stackable concrete slabs, in mountain walls, or pre-existing structure walls. Someone took over a pre-existing boarded up house and place his vault door at the entrance. He created the inside of the house using shelters. The vault hatch should be able to sink into the ground and Into concrete slabs

The inside of these vaults doesn't even make sense.

After entering through my hatch door, the exit door shows a normal vault door behind me? That's the Hatch I just came out? tf? Thought it would be a ladder or something. Then I put a Normal vault door down in my bunker and it takes me to my next vault room showing either the, out of nowhere massive vault door or the normal vault door behind you. This is supposedly the door that leads from my bunker to this vault room but then when I use this door it sends me outside to my hatch door?? Ok.

You cant, turn off the lights, place food, water, displays, resources, you can't do shit. Useless.

This is not even half of the CAMP building problems. You also still have millions of other problems with every other part of the game. The quest, items, armor, weapons, hackers, duplicating BUT even though we have all these problems, we're gonna find a way to piss off the base building community by destroying unique camp building tricks, and then we'll blame it on floating bases or some shit.

Rant over.

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