Stimpack Syringer Barrels for Medic Builds?

fallout 6 - Stimpack Syringer Barrels for Medic Builds?

Tl;dr: How about syringer barrels with beneficial effects and syringer damage scaling with your level?

Somewhat recently, I created a character with a focus on healing abilities for team play. To complete his medic getup, I use a syringer. Though I'm a bit disappointed at the limited barrel options. Sure, we have the radscorpion venom, endangerol, bleedout, bloatfly and whatnot. But I'd like to see some barrels with beneficial effects like the Karma barrel during the raider quest line.

Now, the obvious choice would be stimpack barrels. Followed by other syringified chems like psycho. buffout or mentats. Having beneficial barrels would greatly support healer builds. Yes, there is a perk that heals team members when you use a stimpack, but a) you need to use it on yourself, even if you don't need it at the moment and b) your team members have to be relatively close.

I admit that balancing miiight be an issue. How expensive would it be to craft the barrel, seeing that syringes are relatively common, compared to stimpacks? Or will there be an issue with VATS targeting? But assuming that the devs manage to pull it off, I'd love to have a reliable way to directly heal/buff single team members, even if it comes with downsides (such as initial damage when hit by the syringe, reduced healing from own stimpacks if you're under the effects of a stim syringe, reduced SPECIAL stats after the effects wear off à la Karma, etc.).


Another issue I see with syringers in general is that some barrels are less useful for higher levels due to the syringer having no level requirement. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell, the damage of effects like radscorpion venom or bleeding have a hard cap, which causes them to deal proportionally less damage to enemies with lots of health. We can disregard the endangerol barrel here, since its damage reduction is percentage-based. Currently I'm using a radscorpion venom barrel, which manages to do decent damage to low level enemies while barely scratching high level ones. Your thoughts?

Edit: Since a lot of people keep assuming it: No, I neither play Overwatch, nor TF2. Sure, I thought about the respective characters in these games, but that's about it. I had the idea for this suggestion because it would add a nice dynamic to team play. I'm a casual player and so are the people I usually play with. We'd very much enjoy such an option for exploring (seeing how we already made good experiences with a tank playstyle). Of course there would be some issues to cirumvent, but that's something I cannot possibly figure out myself – that's for BGS, should they actually choose to implement such a feature. And to those who say that I should play other games with dedicated medic roles: Where's all the hostility coming from? Did my suggestion threaten you in any way? It's fine by me if you don't want my healing. Saves me the ammo 🙂

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