STOP GRIEFING MAH KID! Lady, your kid has been persistently attacking me, to no effect for an hour.

fallout 5 - STOP GRIEFING MAH KID! Lady, your kid has been persistently attacking me, to no effect for an hour.

TL;DR: Level 10, approximately of the same age, tried to take the Gorge from me {Level 142}, didn't seem to know when he was beat and kept coming back to get wrecked until he was in tears.

Long Version: So I've been working on the metalworker badge, Needed to finish off a few of smelting tasks, so I took the Gorge for the black titanium. (It was unowned at this point.)

I was away hitting Silver nodes when the "Attack on the Gorge" message popped.

I check the map, and see it is now owned by this level 10, I automatically assumed he was bait. So the first time I went in slow, and pretty much ignored him while he emptied mag after mag into my X-01, while looking for his stealthed high level buddy.

Apparently, that high level buddy didn't exist, and it dawned on me, this guy, must be new. No one that has played this game longer than a day, would open pvp with a 142 on a level 10 character.

So, I waste him, take my base back and empty out the other harvs and put it in the bag he dropped, figuring, he is new he might need this stuff, and I don't.

He comes back, snatches up his bag and immediately opens fire on me again.

I am a 142 pure Heavy Weapons/PA build with a TSE 50 cal machine gun. He is a level 10, without a full set of armor, and a likely looted 10mm pistol.


This engagement also went poorly for him. So I quickly craft him a set of Metal Armor, and a modded 10mm pistol, drop it in his goodie bag, along with the 10mm ammo I was carrying.

He comes back, takes his bag, equips all the shit I've just given him, then tries to cap the base AGAIN!

I decide I'm done giving him shit. So I run up to him, empty handed while he blazes away with his pop gun, then throw a plasma grenade at both of our feet, then I jetpack out of the radius.

1st time I've ever gooed another player, so there is that.

He comes back, I get on mic, tell him the Black titanium is the only harv that is locked, but if he needs anything else, he is welcome to it.

Dumbass attacked me again.

Rinse, repeat for close to an hour. until I hear a voice.

"Big man, picking on a little kid!"

"Excuse me, what?" I can hear what is obviously a crying child in the background.

So I explained the situation to her.

Her reply was "Oh." followed by "I never should have bought you this.." followed by the mic cutting off and the level 10 logging out.

Moral of the story: Lowbies: MOST higher level characters will help you, if they can. But if you behave like a pest, expect to be stepped on like one.

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