Stop picking on the Overseer. Just because you see her just sitting around due to game design doesn’t mean she’s lazy or a bad character.

fallout 6 - Stop picking on the Overseer. Just because you see her just sitting around due to game design doesn't mean she's lazy or a bad character.

Let's get one thing straight the overseer doesn't do anything because of game design and for the fact she doesn't need to. Some examples that I see get brought up alot:

"She finds the silos but doesn't use them". She was asked to secure them and that means not to activate them, she never finds the enclave or Sam Blackwell because she doesn't need to, why secure a facility when the automated system does it all for you and is sealed as tights as can be.

"She's always friendly no matter the outcome". Because no matter the outcome she gets a good ending, side with crater instead of foundation? Foundation trades in gold anyways, use the nukes? She gets pissed but eventually forgives you as she knows it's the only way to stop the scorchbeast queen. You do something wrong during a mission? She tells you or if it means you get to your next point she doesn't care because that was never part of the mission. What she does do is encourage you everytime you go above and beyond. Get the best outcome in the sim vault? She'll say how great of an outcome it is, or thanks you for the fact you collected all her holotapes and helped fight the scorched.

"She doesn't reward us!" Like hell she doesn't! Every time you do something for her she rewards you end mission and offers a daily reward through her Mister handy.


"Well she just sits around while we do all the work!" She lends a helping hand everytime we do something, she tries to get a head at VTU but can't, she suggests using our anti bodies at the Nuka Cola factory but for gameplay sakes only shoots things and handles the full distribution of the vaccinated Nuka Cola once we bring it to their respective leaders. People say why does she just sit in the house while we find all the gold? Because she's coordinating getting the vaccine to the people who need it while we run around trying to get into the vault, and it seems like she also has an in at foundation which may suggest future collaboration to rebuild a currency.

With those out of the way a few more thing to address: She is an old women who is likely still nursing that mole miner wound from up in the mountains, she doesn't need to do anything because in the end 76 was built to rebuild only the overseer was supposed to secure the silos not us but we got involved anyways. She after finishing her mission built a home and after 26 years of sacrificing everything so she could lead and teach us decides to settle down near her home which she built without the aid of a C.A.M.P. mind you.

So when people attack this character just because when we see her she's in an arm chair it baffles me, don't you want to play the game!? If she did everything for us that wouldn't be much of game and even then she does so much stuff on the sidelines she doesn't deserve to be attacked like this.

But leave it to 76er's to see the main story, not read between the lines even a little bit and claim there's no substance to what's being out in front of them. It happened when the game came out and it happens every time there's a new piece of content because unless it's spoon fed to you the lore is weak and has no substance.

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