Stopped A Bait Griefer With A Flame Stick – Fasnacht Day

fallout 2 - Stopped A Bait Griefer With A Flame Stick - Fasnacht Day

Today I had my very first encounter with a griefer. I count myself lucky that this was my only one so far but man it was crazy. This person had seemingly hacked weapons that had insane fire rates and would swap between a gun that drained people's power cores(plasma I think) and another explosive gun to lag the area. The robots were prepped and that's when it happened, they started throwing meat baits to destroy the robots, and that's when my OH HELL NO kicked in. I immediately switched to my healing shishkebab and healed up the robots before they started marching. While this was going on, we had someone screaming that the event was going to fail, that we should just nuke the guy, and had people hopping to a different server too. Having just completed an impossible task(to me anyway) of killing the Wengo Colossus with only two people, I was up for the task of trolling the troll. At this point, I had nothing to lose.


I figured the best way to troll them back was to prevent them from failing the event. The march began and then they threw out several more baits, knocking out three robots. I just kept swinging. Meanwhile, the guy screaming "THEY ARE TROLLING" "WE ARE GOING TO FAIL" kept going off and not doing anything to help. At this point, another robot fell but the one I was hitting was going strong. This continued until I yelled at the screaming guy to help or shoot the enemies. I regret that lost my cool but either do something or go. He then replied it was a lost cause, and wished us luck while starting at the scene unfolding. But Roboco be damned was I gonna let someone ruin my holiday cheer. So I kept going, and that's when the most perfect thing happened. The troll started to panic. At this time another person came to heal and then as a last-ditch effort the troll unleashed more baits, and then panicked more at the site of a non-dying robot. Shortly this is when the screaming guy left and said that the event was just going to fail. The troll, realizing he lost, tried to stand in front of us to prevent us from healing the robot which didn't work, and later gave up and left before the mutants showed up. With four people left, two healers, and two shooters, bombs going off left and right, we powered through the chaos. As all this was going on I tried boosting morale as we went, congratulating the team and chanting Merry Fasnacht. We then got past the mutants and then we were home clear, as we crushed the sloth and the remaining wolves and bugs.

As I watched Old Man winter burn, I thought to myself, NO ONE IS GONNA RUIN MY FASNACHT! *flame smack*

I want to thank the person that help me heal the robot, and the others that stayed to help me complete the event, and for the gifts at the end. I am just glad I was able to troll the troll.

Happy Fasncacht and remember the flame boys out there!

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