(story) Be careful about accepting random team invites and revealing your camp location to strangers with malevolent intentions.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - (story) Be careful about accepting random team invites and revealing your camp location to strangers with malevolent intentions.

I had an unexpected bit of drama tonight.

I was traveling around and, since I'm always checking the map, noticed two people with huge bounties up by the ammo factory. I figured they were probably assaulting whoever was there, so fast traveled to go watch the drama.

However, when I got there they were already gone. They still had their bounties, but were now at the bottom of the map. Maybe there camps were there, and they were restocking?

I went back to what I was doing, but suddenly received a team request from one of them. I thought this was odd (since they wouldn't have been able to see me on the map while wanted), but went to accept so that I could maybe see what they were doing. However, it didn't work – their team was full.

They never went back to the ammo factory. Instead, they kept fast traveling around to these seemingly arbitrary, middle-of-nowhere places on the map. Their bounties were ballooning (1000+ each by this point), and specifically growing every time they teleported somewhere else (they were traveling a lot). They were still relentlessly sending me team requests now too, but I was too suspicious to try and accept a second time.

I had two suspicions at this point. 1) They were using friends without bounties to survey the map. 2) They were attacking player camps. I still wasn't sure why or how they were traveling to all of these obscure places though; I tried searching for their camps, but never found anything. But, I had found a burnt out camp in the Savage Divide, at a random spot where they had congregated for a few minutes just before. I had another hunch.

I followed them; they were now bulldozing a little brick house outside of Flatwoods. As I was approaching, the lvl 21 owner logged out and what was left of the camp vanished. I followed them around Flatwoods, and tentatively figured out who 2 or 3 more of their unwanted, high level friends were. They all seemed to have TSEs, so my level 70ish under-equipped self wasn't going to try for the bounties and lose caps to their friends standing there ready.

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So, anyway, this is my theory. They were:

1) Sending team requests to anyone / everyone 2) Instantly traveling, for free, to the camp of the new "team member" 3) Leaving the team 4) Leveling the camp that their victim just unwittingly revealed to them

I decided to stay with them and figure out if there was anything I could do to exact some wasteland justice. Already, one of their 2 bounties were gone; maybe claimed by a friend? At first they all stood around me and spammed the team request even more; then they all started shooting me (doing slap damage). I took my armor off and totally stripped (so I wouldn't have to repair it later) and gave them the heart emote over and over, stimpacking just before I died each time.

At this point one of them messaged me and challenged me to PVP, offering either "10k or join the team" dependent on the results of the duel. I gave the heart emote. They shot me a lot more (still only doing slap) and killed a lvl 100+ who probably came for the bounty and shot back without realizing all of the non-wanted players that were actually team members.

Finally, they got tired of me. The supporting members went together somewhere a little ways down the road, and the remaining wanted member (only 500ish bounty now for some reason) was standing alone on top of a destroyed car wreck.

In fact, that wanted player wasn't moving. I supposed that they were away from their controller. I stood up against them, essentially nude, raised my shotgun to their face, blew them away, grabbed their considerable bag of junk and their bounty. Within seconds I saw the teammates running back, already firing on me – I logged out.

Received a private msg via Xbox.

"Pussy gotta leave the lobby"

I replied.

"War. War never changes."

tl;dr: see 1-4 above and be careful about accepting team invites from strangers

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