Story time: „The drunk diplomat“

fallout 7 - Story time: „The drunk diplomat“

Hey guys, today I want to share a little story with you. It‘s happened in my recent playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas on PS3. Enjoy!

I‘m a trophy/achievement hunter, and after getting the platinum on Fallout 3 and 4, I wanted to go for the New Vegas one as well.

So I‘ve set up my roadmap, and decided that I‘ll do a hardcore playthrough first. I wanted to do it as fast as possible, since the hardcore mode is a pain in the ass, so naturally I went with the Wildcard route.

I breezed through the game on very easy, up until the point of the final battle. I didn‘t prepare myself at all, I just wanted to get it done. While fighting the countless Legion soldiers, I noticed my food supplies running dangerously low. By the time I got to the camp of the legate, I was already suffering from several stages of hunger.

I thought nothing of it at the time, and just slaughtered my way all the way up to the legate. That was when things went south. I noticed rather quickly that all the weapons I had where pure garbage. By rushing through the game I lacked any form of actual combat skills, so he was whipping my ass all across Hoover Dam.

I tried being cheap with it, I tried melee, I tried guns. There was no way I was going to beat him. At this point I was weighing my options. And then it hit me, the one thing I skilled besides science and lockpicking was speech. I was crossing my fingers hoping I maxed it out. I didn‘t. It was sitting at 92, so I needed one more level up to max it out. Alright, lets go round up any survivors.

I entered the multiple buildings of Hoover Dam, in hope of finding enough soldiers to kill for a level up. I found a lot of NCR soldiers, but those guys in the Power Armor messed me up pretty good, to the point where I was just chucking grenades in their general direction and running away like a wimp. Eventually it worked, and I was that much closer to leveling up. I needed just over 400 xp, but the buildings were now clear.


Thats when I found the multiple reactor buildings. I was a bit disappointed by the number of people in this huge complex, but I did find a certain „Fantastic“ who I happily added to my collection. After purging the rest of the reactor areas of any remaining NCR troops and helpless scientists, I was just a few xp short. But I was running out of enemies to kill.

That was when I started going after my dear robotic friends who helped me take the dam. They didn‘t see the greater picture though, and happily went after me at full force as soon as I laid my whack, almost broken sledge hammer on them.

That did the trick though, and I leveled my speech skill to the desired 100. A disgustingly satisfied smile was on my face as I walked up to him and started the speech checks. Only to be denied by the final speech check. Obviously feeling quite bamboozled, I checked my stats (after he tore me a new one yet again) and noticed that my damn hunger was impairing my charisma. I just had to laugh at myself at this point.

So the next course of action was of course: finding food. I looked through the camp and found a few steaks which helped a lot. Just not enough. There was just no food anywhere to be found, and the longer I looked, the hungrier I became. I was already contemplating reloading the last save which was hours ago, when I found it. Whiskey. I was actually not sure if alcohol raised or decreased your charisma in this game, but when I saw that it raised it I was freaking out.

I exed the bottle and went up to him. And my drunken self actually convinced him to stay down.

So that was it, I just felt I needed to share this with you guys just because it was so ridiculous and stupid lol

Thanks for reading!

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