Suggested features and game additions from a return player’s perspective, in book format!

fallout 5 - Suggested features and game additions from a return player's perspective, in book format!

After going through the Bethesda Plz list under the posting rules, I think I have some consumer friendly and questionably investor friendly suggestions for this game. This is a very long post, so bear with me! Or don't, that's cool too! So I always end up back in West Virginia no matter how many times I get fed up and take a break. Multiplayer Fallout is just too fun in any format.

A simple player whitelist, blacklist, and boot connected player feature for Fallout 1st Private server renters.

More emotes. Emotes transcend language barriers, emotes are life.

Challenges that reward CAMP items or outfits, if Atoms are no longer on the table anymore. V-day event 2021 is a good example of this.

More exotic creatures and mutants from past Fallout games like Pig Rats, Mantises, and Wanamingos.

Being able to see what server region I am connected to. I know in other games, playing from the West Coast, that my connection quality is shit on East Coast servers. I don't believe this game is an exception to that rule. Allow us to set a preference, not a choice. If the connection is kinda so so or plainly bad, I'm fine with it if I'm wandering, questing, shopping, building, or socializing. Boss fighting and PVPing is something I'd prefer to do on a server I have a better connection with. I'd hop servers 10 times if it meant ending up on a US West server I won't disconnect from. I do enjoy meeting players from Europe and Asia though, so idk about this one. Bethesda has a good point. But until Daddy Elon gets skynet completely finished, connectivity will always be an issue.

More Scoreboards, with more juicy rewards than ever before. Rewarding players that play more isn't a bad thing, I wish I never set down the game and missed Season 1, as that season looked like it had the best rewards. Would love to purchase them all with Gold Bullion, Atoms, or actually play through Season 1 somehow.

Adding Scoreboard cosmetics to the Atom Shop indefinitely, after a season's end, whilst continuing to add the buff applying and resource generating CAMP items to Bullion vendors so screeching doesn't happen. I have screeched before, I am guilty of whining about a change I wasn't happy about, and saying oh I quit. That is why I'm posting this here on Reddit, ahem.

Faster faction reputation gains and losses. Killing friendly settlers or raiders should affect the player's reputation. Dailies should increase it signifigantly. This gets new content into hands faster, making the reputation dailies feel less like a part time job in a video game. I've worked part time before, I hated it then, and I hate it now. I quit playing GTA Online for this very reason, and that is a very fun game. At least when you're not grinding days for, or paying real money for the newest, shiniest gat, attack helicopter, or homing missile hoverbike. I'm a consumer that likes consumer friendliness and some semblance of fairness in my video games, sue me.

In-game vending classifieds, akin to Craigslist, accessible through My Personal Terminal at your CAMP. Allow four items to be assigned to it per player, with the ability to inspect the item before you buy it, and have it so the seller can choose from a preset list of descriptions for their item, so a language filter doesn't need to be implemented. I believe PoseidoNet is active during this time in the lore, and it wouldn't be a stretch if there were satellites put up by Mr. House to facilitate some sort of backup satellite internet or terminal networking infrastructure. That man was prepared for the future. Adding this feature would create a sort of player vending hub that players have asked for in the past, all in the comfort of each player's CAMP! A short quest or location to explain it away similar to the CAMP Shelters introduction and viola!

An item for item trade feature would be great, using a format allowing both parties to inspect and then agree to the trade before it goes through on both ends, at the same time. This would nearly eliminate scamming, or at least make it significantly harder.

Player guilds/factions, which would allow players to organize in-game, keeping them in the game, potentially increasing the likelihood of them spending more money on Atomic Shop items. Limit membership to 500 members, 5 factions per account, 2 faction ownerships per account. Offer up cross-server challenges, rewards dolled out every 24hrs to all members. Eligibility for rewards could be determined by many a different criteria. How many workshops have been claimed by members, 50, 100, 200, 300, how many daily or weekly challenges have been completed by members, 20, 40, 80, how many creatures have been killed, resources harvested, caps collected, players killed, CAMP/Workshop things built, items scrapped, etc etc. Make it so the faction leader can also pick a faction theme, available in the Atomic Shop. Whatever theme is purchased, unlocks a small handful of faction themed CAMP and cosmetic items, available to all members of that faction, as well as changing the player faction UI to be stylized in the chosen theme. An Atom Shop purchase that benefits more than one person is a welcome addition if you ask me. I quite like the way lunchboxes have been implemented. Have there be a themed wallpaper, themed portable toilet, wall hangers, rugs, etc. Faction themes can range from Slocums Joe, Nuka Cola, Mothman cult, Raider, Wastelander (Junkyard Style), Settler, Cannibal, BOS, Enclave, Army, Blue Ridge Caravan & so on. As for the routine rewards, V-day 2021 event type of rewards, where some rewards are significant and others are meh but alright hey I'll take it. As for some type of guild/faction item or currency bank, big shrugs emoji on that one. Would be nice tho. Don't know if it's really necessary if they can already increase player stash and daily earnable currency limits.

More base game weapons, rather than player-bound endgame weapons. This could line Bethesda's pockets even further, a DLC based solely on new weapons, adding in weapons and their plans to caps vendors and the legendary loot pool. Bring back weapons and their mods from the entire series, from the 5mm Assault Carbine to the bb gun, the Wattz Laser Rifle, 9mm Pistol, .32 Pistol, throwing spears, throwable and melee rocks, small energy cell weapons, single shot pipe rifles, electron charge pack weapons and more. I think a Laser RCW would definitely fit F76. Doing this opens up the opportunity for more custom paint jobs, skins, engravings and damascened weapons in the Atomic Shop, which means mo money! Bethesda might even be able to recycle animations from past games to do this too. You don't need a faction to introduce more variety into the game, just use the paper game map idea they got going on, add and take away from the game world at their discretion. This could be how they address legacy weapons too, introducing massive variety when they take massive variety away, if they ever do that. Though if Bethesda was to further flesh out the Blue Ridge Caravan when doing this, they've got my vote of approval! I love the throwing flares and the plasma caster, talk about a throwback.

Tripods, Bipods, Quadmounts galore! Buildable CAMP weapons that can be mounted and fired by players, stationary like auto turrets, but still incredibly useful. Add an overheat feature, no ammunition cost, and a limit of 4 per CAMP. Make it so only perks affect the weapon behavior/damage dealt, power armor cannot be worn while in use, building or storing an emplaced weapon increases Move CAMP cost by +200% each, and scrapping them does not return the weapon. This gives CAMP builders and new players an incentive to support other players during an overworld boss fight. It's no TSE 50.cal, but that's ok! If it gets destroyed, you need another standard, non-legendary version of that weapon to repair it for continued use. This means freeing up stash space, crafting new, or lugging extras on yer person. I could see a WWII ball turret being a great seller in the Atomic Shop!

Add an entirely new weapon type to the game. "Indirect fire" weapons. I think that Responders mortar at the airport could be super fun if you got a general direction flight arc and bird's eye view from the top down. Like a cross between ESO siege weapons and Battlefield 1's trench mortars. Make the craft requirements for the mortar shells a single hand grenade and a few basic materials. Add a wasteland catapult, firing bundled scrap metal heaps in a shotgun blast, big ol' rocks, radioactive waste, diseased meat, or a bucket of hand grenades. A heavy crossbow launcher, firing individual hand grenade types and large armor piercing bolts, with decent precision and low flight time. The bucket of hand grenades can also be a great way to allow us to bulk store throwable weapons to free up stash space. These "indirect fire" weapons can be player bound like power armor is, droppable for others, otherwise useable by the owner only. Allow us to set up a Browning .50cal or MK19 like this too, call them Deployable Auto Grenade Launcher/Deployable .50cal Machinegun. Make Plan: Artillery give you two types of artillery guns, the automated one, and a player controlled one. Open the paper map and mark a spot, generic rotate animation, fire!

Add a return damage type to the game. Fatigue and player unconsciousness for unarmed and melee builds, that would be a hoot! Just make it so power armor makes you immune or highly resistant to fatigue DMG, and it should be a welcome addition. Sprinkle a few new legendary prefixes related to fatigue and it'll be the honey beasts knees.

If fatigue is added, make unarmed damage the primary class of damage that can deal it, with melee second, and explosives last. Imagine a beanbag round for shotguns or the M79!

Reworking the AmmoPoints Converter for the last time. Assign an Ammopoints value to each individual round of ammo in the game, and let us dump entire stacks of ammo into the hopper to get a large chunk of AmmoPoints each time. Allow only 1 player to use it at a time, similar to a vendor or workbench, so folks can't somehow steal your AmmoPoints and emote sorry as they shoot you with their explosive shotgun gatling plasma. You won't need to add New Vegas ammo crafting at all if you make this thing satisfying and simpler to use, though diversifying something that nearly the entire player base uses isn't a bad idea in it's own right.

Adding large chunks of AmmoPoints to the Season Scoreboards, preferably after it has been reworked.

Combat Legendary perks, alongside existing Passive Legendary perks. Or add new combat related SPECIAL perks. When I returned to the game and got a taste of legendary perk cards, I thought, and still think it is the neatest idea. Talk about new game plus! I do think it should be expanded upon, in more ways that further mutate day to day gameplay and combat. I know from personal experience melee builds miss out on alot of XP, especially when legacy weapons are involved.

All of the melee finisher animations that are seen in Fallout 4 and some from Skyrim could be recycled. Brutalizer, XX% Chance to cinematically melee kill humanoid enemies below 20% health, gaining +10% XP for 5 minutes (no pvp). Replacing the aim down sights button with an alternate attack button. Two's Better Than One, pistols can now be dual-wielded, only fired from the hip, deal less DMG, double bash damage, reload slower while dual-wielded. Replace the throwables attack button with a charging sprint animation, with a more dramatic weapon jabbing animation at the end. You're Doing It Wrong, charge with your weapon in front of you, bashing the enemy you collide with, +10,20,30,40% critical chance. Stacks with basher and chems. Carnage Connoisseur, Shotguns gain XX% chance to knock down humanoid enemies (no pvp). Clay Brained, Effective range of shotguns is increased by XX%.


Swappable ammunition types! If it can be implemented, please New Vegas my 76, I think it would make a nice addition. Replay that reload animation! AP ammo could ignore a small amount of ballistic resistance, hollow point ammo could do more damage to small enemy types, or enemies with ballistic resistances below a certain number. Surplus ammo and bulk energy ammo could do less damage and more condition wear, Overcharged fusion cells could be like AP ammo for energy guns and energy resistances etc. Don't have to get rid of legendary effects at all! Rework the Syringer, Missile Launcher, M79, and MK19 to function more like this, and add more syringe types and 40mm grenade types, like fear syringes with a percent chance to proc, or plasma/pulse/incediary/cryo 40mm. The Hellstorm Launcher could remain the same I say, just make it even more powerful by taking the same swappable ammo! Plain missile launcher gets a homing unit after all.

Make Chally the Moo Moo a "Grahm" trader too, so people have another chance at getting Grahm's rare plans, and have two lines to wait in. Make it so you have to buy Chally's Milk, and make it never spoil…

More Public Events! A long distance caravan escort for Grahm would be awesome! Think Mr. Messenger but from one biome to another. Vault 76 to Crater, Or Foundation to Watoga, Cranberry Bog to Savage Divide, Watoga to one of the smaller Settler or Raider inhabited areas etc. Little to no dialogue would need to be recorded for that one. I roleplay a caravan guard every time I find Grahm now, just to see where he'll take me. I'll kill stuff along the way too, and sell it for my "payment".

Double or triple the current amount of available Workshops so there is at least one for everybody, and introduce Workshop persistence on private servers and/or entire Workshop blueprints, which are free to place material-wise on a private server. BOS, Enclave, Blue Ridge Caravan, Settler, or Raider themed Workshops, complete with npcs that cost caps to "build" or "hire" for defense, and more diversified produced resources like currencies or really rare mats. Caps or Gold Bullion producing Workshops would all likely be hotly contested on an Adventure server, freeing up the old ones for us builders out there.

Patch explosive bait and trap CAMPs at the exact same time. I don't care if someone has a CAMP floating mid-air, 100 meters off the ground, wear power armor when you shop, become an armored acrobat, or mutate before you shop. Get rid of those invisible punji boards, and fix those grenades that raze CAMPs to the ground and ruin seasonal events. If there are going to be no actual ramifications for griefing like that, it should at least be patched, out of respect to players who buy Atomic Shop CAMP items, and come back to a CAMP that is completely decimated, after a really shitty day in the real world. That is not ok. Griefers tape themselves destroying fasnact on Xbox, it goes viral, people comment cursing the person out and then get reported to Xbox Live by the griefer, commenters get chat banned, rinse and repeat. That is not ok.

New Public team types!

PVP teams, call them Duelist Teams, where players deal full DMG, ONLY to other Duelist Teams' members on the same server, and players on said teams will drop more than just simple junk when they die, similar to those survival servers they did a while back. Make it so you drop a small amount of chems or food & drink. Remove cap bounties entirely for this type of repeatable PVP, disable DMG to Workshop and CAMP structures, instead adding cap rewards for the teams. +3,6,9,12 caps to each teammate, per rival duelist killed. Now PVP has actual, real value to it. Friends can fist farm eachother or rival players for caps or trash their gear and waste ammo on being the alpha, my dude. Add resetting leaderboards to the Adventure servers, displaying player's achievements/stats in Workshops claimed, players killed, Workshops contested, challenges completed, structures built, etc. Modifications to pacifist mode, perhaps a third option would likely need to be a thing for this to work I bet.

Co-op teams, where players who actually stay physically nearby one another on the team earn a large % increased XP rewarded from actions, that only activates when nearby another teammate (radius), AND is divided up evenly among how many teammates there are nearby. So even if someone is killing everything with their explosive gat plas on your Co-op team, you get just as much xp as they do. This would rake in more XP than other public teams, possibly requiring the existing ones to be adjusted to stay viable. When wandering off alone, away from teammates, or hosting the public team alone, you get a -50% XP debuff on all actions. Together +XX%XP Shared, Alone -50%XP. This could be a new player mutation just as well!

Deathmatches in Adventure mode. Using the same instancing for Daily Ops and Earle, and Public Teams for grouping, for 8 Players. Team Deathmatch Public teams, and Free For All Deathmatch teams. FFA deathmatch teams can be 4 player instances & games, and team deathmatch would require two full teams before players can load into the instance and prepare. Place common weapons and power weapons all throughout the map, as well as stealthboys and stimpaks, lying in the open Halo style, with the power weapons in semi-symmetrical locations. This is so players who have no godrolls or legacies, or who don't have the gear saved up to constantly run stealthboys, or pump chems and stims, have at least a tiny, itty-bitty chance of getting kills. Revives can remain in this gamemode, and PVP metas, gear, and builds can remain unchanged. Rewards for deathmatches remain simple, no better than regular world events. You can handpick teammates before loading into an instance. FFA groups could be abused to farm other players if so desired, so rewards for wins and kills in those matches should be dismal at best. You go in with the ammo and gear on your back, and come out with a either a win or a loss, a leaderboard update, some XP, caps, generic loot, and a chance at a 1* legendary weapon, with rewards being alittle sweeter for TDMs, perhaps ammo for the equipped weapon on completion like in Dops.

A landmass DLC, a supermassive underground cave system perhaps? Mole Miner uprising? Giant mutated Mole Miner boss fight? YES! I'd like a boss that shoots really big guns, think Frank Horrigan from Fallout 2. How about a giant hideous Mole Miner with a jury rigged belt-fed missile launcher that's always malfunctioning? Just reading that makes me want to malfunction. I bet reading this Reddit post makes you want to malfunction!

World Boss DLC? Like the world bosses from ESO? Guaranteed 3* sorta tanky legendary spawns that respawn semi-regularly? A super sized mega bloatfly that spews globs of exploding radioactive corium out of it's ass? YES! A massive, god-tier Honey Beast that snares players with toxic honey? YES! Either this or adding more exotic enemy types in Daily Ops. A resilient radroach infestation would be a hilarious day in Dops, complete with a gigantic tanky radroach miniboss that deals insane melee DMG and rushes everybody aggressively like the little ones do.

More variety in Daily Ops, more locations, more enemy types, more gamemodes, more mutations. If the long grind is gonna stay, variety spice it up more to make it fun, almost something to look forward to. I think a bunch of marsupial blood eagles would be a hilarious sight, bouncing around as you try to stay on target. Makes shotguns, melee, and VATS more viable, similar to how the new Dops content on the PTS makes sneak, bows, and VATS bombers more viable for Dops. A radiation survival mode for Daily Ops would be neat, having to combat a severe radiation storm or contamination in an interior, or an enemy mutation that makes the hostiles deal large amounts of radiation damage to the player. Getting those on the same day would be hell, but still fun if you ask me. An enemy mutation that makes hostiles constantly toss throwing knives, meat cleavers, or tomahawks would be neat too. Or a mutation that makes enemies randomly frenzy and unfrenzy, dealing 300% more DMG and throwing grenades more frequently while frenzied, towards friend and foe alike. A mutation that gives all humanoid enemies a fat man would be very punishing, but also cheesable if you just jump up and down constantly with your kangaroo legs, or just kill them super quick. Different strokes for different blokes man!

A faction DLC, A more civilized/tribal Mothman Cult faction, Blue Ridge Caravan pls beth3sda pls pls, Rebooted Responders/Firebreathers, each with a faction reputation bar similar to the existing Raiders/Settlers factions. Bullion plans and/or goodies unique to each one. This game addition isn't friendly to the pocketbooks for Bethesda.

Mod support on platforms that will allow it.

When mod support goes active, integrate some of the Creation Club items into the Fallout 76 vanilla game servers, with some purchases on Fallout 4 carrying over into Fallout 76. This allows players who cannot afford, or will not pay the monthly fee of Fallout 1st, to be tempted to spend on something. I believe Creation Club content to be much more consumer friendly in regards to dollar value compared to Atom Shop content, and I bet if this was done, the transaction history on Bethesda's end would prove that theory. I'd enjoy serving donuts to players from the Slocum's Joe Creation I own, in my Slocum's Joe Atom Shop vending machine that I own. Creation Club creators could also expand upon their creations if they so desired, making skins, mods, and paintjobs available in-game by completing challenges unique to their creation.

I don't know how much money Bethesda is raking in from Atomic Shop purchases, but I'll bet it's going to mostly evaporate when you introduce free mods into the game. Although they'll likely have a boost in money made from Fallout 1st, since private servers will be where the free modding is allowed, if that ends up being how it is implemented.

Decent Atoms Challenges re-introduced alongside free mods and paid mods. A consumer friendly move to alleviate some of the loud screeching that will come if these insane changes I suggested are made.

If I had to pick one of these, I would go with the player guilds/factions. Giving players a structure to connect or at least organize in the game, is good for the game, and the consumer. It's good for the roleplayer, it's good for the PVPer, good for the god-tier player, ehhh possibly good for the trader, and always good for the baby noob. Don't want to kill the trading subreddits and groups, but damn if it wouldn't be nice to have better trading mechanisms in-game too.

If you're still reading, uhhh thanks for your time! I know I took up a good lot of it! Do you have any ideas or pipe dreams for the game you want to share? I'd love to hear em! I don't post on Reddit often but I know I've written a book here for sure, so my apologies for the long post.

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