I am salvating at the thought of a level 100+ raid with puzzles , traps, mini bosses , and a big bad boss built for 4 players (more if they increased party size or added a raid party feature,) that takes 3-6 hours to complete. As much as I disliked destiny their raids were always ALOT of fun.

I understand it probably will never happen because of the way the game is designed but I can dream and hope. Even if they made their own instances and at log in you group in the main menu then instead of hitting play you hit raid if you don't have a group it auto matches you if you do it drops you into the raid dungeon server (instanced) and you begin.



EDIT :: Just so I'm clear I'm talking about raid dungeons not short 30-1hour dungeons those would be nice too sure (they already exist. Ie glassed cavern, west Tek, etc). But a raid is generally a rather large time investment to successfully complete. Also is supposed to be end game content most high end raids require at least in other games; that I enjoyed raid gear that takes awhile to obtain. So I'm also clear I'm not saying you would need to be level 100+ to enter just the spawns would be minimium level 100 up to level 150-200. Which means sure at level 50 you could enter but if your gear / build is crappy you won't do well. So you farm for the gear like in other MMOs to be able to successfully join a decent raid group and complete it. Where an explosive shotgun can't one shot everything inside the raid making it take more than one person to complete. Where there are new mob types ie super muties with shields that only take damage from behind or -healer- type spawns that heal other spawns etc etc. Some are assuming for some weird reason when I say 100+ that's the level required to enter. I am just talking about mob levels inside. Level 50 mobs would make it easy to solo with a shotty or a bloodied deathclaw. Also anything less imho than a 3 hour raid is not a raid it's a dungeon like west Tek or glassed cavern.

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