[SUGGESTION] Rebuilding Appalachia Permanently

fallout 6 - [SUGGESTION] Rebuilding Appalachia Permanently

I get that we are all roughly supposed to build up our camps in an attempt to rebuild in the wasteland. The problem with this is that nothing is ever really permanent, only existing if we're present within the server. I propose "Community Events", events that allow permanent changes to Appalachia. I get that this concept is roughly developed using the Powerplant rebuilds, but could allow for full rebuilds existing map elements or addition of completely new features. For example;

– new factories (ammo, food, medicine)

– faction headquarters (perpetuating the 'guild' mechanic for us to join and assist further

– bridges

– robots (used for additional vendors, pets, defense)

– new power plants


I figure that these events could be collaborated in game with a voting mechanic (i.e pay some caps to invest in new project) and a global event across all servers could be initiated with this project as a target to build. Members could donate (or sell) junk to allow to build, those investing more receiving more rewards from its completion but also the final build could feature some memorial plaque thanking the top 10 contributors.

I really like this idea, and obviously it is severely underdeveloped. Things like this will allow growth of community within the Fallout 76 world and perpetuate its future.


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