Suggestion: Reopen Vault 76 as a centralized player hub.

fallout 4 - Suggestion: Reopen Vault 76 as a centralized player hub.

Since Vault 76 is an already fully finished rendered in-game asset why not reuse it to fill a big community need – a centralised player Hub.

I suggest a quest that becomes available at level 50 that leads you to ultimately hack the V76 mainframe and purge the program that has crippled the life support. Making V76 habital again. Thus unlocking V76 to that player.

This allows V76 to have a minor cosmetic redesign and become a major player Hub. Place all crafting stations and a Stash and a Vending Machine or Robot Auctionier.

Sadly I argue that by not having an in -game Auction house type system, Beth has created a Grey and Black Market outside the game. An eBay search proves this sadly.

Next, it should be free to fast travel to Hub 76 but if you are overemcumbered it will cost 1 cap per 2 lbs over your wt carry limit. So if you are 100 over your wt carry limit it will cost you 50 caps to fast travel to the hub from any place on the map.


Finally add some a new vendor faction to buy and sell supplies at the Hub. Also be a great plce to find daily quests or SpecOp missions.

I believe this may help create what this game is missing … an in-game sense of community. It exists outside the game in places like r/fo76 but in game it does not.


PS this is more like making V76 a supermarket or Mall not as a place people are going back to to live in.

Edit: spelling changed a word.

Edit: Maybe access to a Account wide Stash separate to Character Stash. So you have the Character Stash with 600. Then you hop over to V76 and access the Account wide 1200 stash. Any character on your account would be able to take from the Stash.

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