Suggestions to make Nukes bigger and better.

fallout 3 - Suggestions to make Nukes bigger and better.

I'm sure like a lot of people here, I absolutely LOVE Nuclear Explosions and watching some of those old archived footage of nuclear tests in the 70's, the sheer force and devastation from them is awe-inspiring. Now, one of my favorite past times in 76 is rushing off to watch the Nukes land and detonate around Appalachia, they are incredibly beautiful. But, I feel like they're too weak. I get they're more like short distance lil Nukes unlike the ones we've seen in the past but they don't feel like weapons of mass destruction anymore. For convenience, heres a list of what I think should be changed/improved on.

  • Long Distance Effects – When a Nuke goes off, I want everyone in the server to feel it, for it to shake the ground slightly and literally light up that region it's dropped. There are a lot of cases where people report a second sun setting whenever a test occurred at night and I think that'd be a chilling experience for new players who see a giant orb of light crest over the hills of the Savage Divide.
  • Blindness/Blurred Vision – A blurred effect at the flash would also be quite immersive since its a little strange that everyone can just *blindly* look at a nuke detonate within a mile of ground zero and not have any kind of visual effect like we've seen from the previous installments.
  • Larger Detonation – Nuclear Detonations are one of the biggest man-made explosions known to humankind yet the ones in 76 are more equivalent to a FOAB. The mushroom clouds should be MUCH bigger, reaching to the Top of the World in height. This would make for some amazing visuals from afar and really drive home that someone just detonated a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Damage Layers – The fact that theres a single ring that dictates 100% safe and 100% ash pile is strange. There should be a layered system where the further away from Ground Zero you are, the less damage you take on the initial explosion. For example, within a large range, you turn to ash, outside that area is larger, overlapping circle that sets you on fire and beyond that, knockdown from a shockwave etc. This'll make it so people don't just sit on the very edge of the nuke zone and make them far more dangerous up close.
  • Environmental Changes – We can all agree that Radiation Storms are far too rare, whilst it may not be "realistic", I feel like Radiation Storms should replace rain if there is a Nuke Zone present somewhere on the map. A sort of long-lasting reminder. With the addition of Nuclear Winter, it's now confirmed that the game is capable of a burned texture overlay in a selected area. Why not add this to the nuke zones? I can guarantee that more people would be interested in actually exploring Nuke Zones if the environment visually changed.

I'll update this if I can think of anything more but thats all I can really think of off the top of my head as of writing this. But I'd love to hear what you guys think should be changed or improved on in regards to Nukes and their effects. The more suggestions, the better and hopefully with enough interest, Bethesda may take note. Some of this may not have been considered in production and/or may not have been possible but now that some of the technology is here, theres no reason not to expand more on existing elements in the game.

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