Super Duper Simple Guide to Sheepsquatch(For the lay-gamer, captain obvious alert!)

fallout 4 - Super Duper Simple Guide to Sheepsquatch(For the lay-gamer, captain obvious alert!)

I noticed last night while doing my first run through the Sheepsquatch event, that this thing is pretty damn tough… I know right, a raid boss that is actually tough because it is just… tough… not because of dumb glitches or bad frame rates, who would have thought? One of the things that makes this enemy so tough is the things that we as a group need to do to take her down. My group caught on after probably a combine total of 40 or so deaths.

This is by no means an in-depth guide or a data-mined statistical analysis, it is just what I observed from my one encounter with the squatch.


The Simple observations


Once you activate the recall beacon for the squatch, you must… and I mean, MUST, activate those three pylons scattered around the immediate area in order to damage her, or so it would seem. When you activate one of these pylons you become a beacon and she is attracted to you for the time being, at this point, I would highly advice using evasive maneuvers, because she can shove a tree so far up your ass sideways that you won't even remember that the nuclear wasteland is supposed to be a threat to your well being!



I believe that when you activate one pylon, you can not personally activate another yourself(If I am wrong, can someone please correct me), thanks to u/maguszr0 for pointing out that one person can activate all three beacons, so at this point, either you can activate all three beacons yourself while sustaining some serious damage over time from the activated beacons, or you and a few friends can take the burden together and activate the beacons individually two more of your buddies are going to have to put their characters on the line to activate the two other pylons. Now that all three pylons are lit up, it is highly advisable that the three pylon godstm keep clear while everyone else whittles away her health while she can be attacked. If one of the pylon gods dies, then you are going to have to wait for someone else to re-activate the corresponding pylon… this is what made our battle last night take so long, our pylon gods kept dying right after she became vulnerable, thus not allowing her to take damage. Also though, pylon gods, remember to use a ranged weapon to do damage to her, because you want to get some loot from her too.


Well that's basically the gist of the main reason behind the event, sheepsquatch. Obvoiusly there are smaller sub enemies that people will need to take out along the way, but in order to do damage to the squatch, follow this simple TL:DR


Super Duper simple TL:DR version – Activate the event, three people need to activate the pylons(one each) in order to do damage to her, also one person could activate all three and take huge amounts of damage over time from the pylons, make sure the pylon activators stay alive so you can continue to damage the squatch, make sure you do some damage to her so you can get loot. Also, as u/Anger_Mgmt_issues mentioned, you can tame the robots with certain perks to make the battle more easy to perform.

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