Survival Plot Twist

fallout 3 - Survival Plot Twist

Edit: this became longer than I thought, apologies!

So earlier today, I'm roaming around the wasteland just doing new character things when I realize my level 10 ass has made it to #1 on the longest life leaderboards, and is probably currently being hunted down (fuck)

Completed my mission as fast as I could and went to go fast travel back to my camp to deposit my junk and aid. Upon pulling up the map I notice I have managed to place my camp directly under a super mutant event that everyone can fast travel too (fuck)

Figuring "I'm doomed if I do, and I'm doomed if I don't", I fast travelled back to my camp only to load into a legendary SM and his posse just annihilating my house (Fuck..)

Finally manage to clear out the last of the enemies and am headed to my stash box when I see a white lab coat land infront of me, then death. Homies now waiting for me to respawn (and I've been to enough train stations to know how this will work.) I load back in and rush out to take the fight to him. That's where I discover 4 other characters sitting ominously outside of my house (Fuck….)

Now for context, my "house" was a 2X2 wooden Shack with 2 turrets inside and 2 turrets outside. It serves as my mobile/placeable spawn point in survival so I wasn't gonna invest too much into flashiness or decoration. As I mentally prepare to be house camped by 5 people for the next 45 minutes, a level 16 walks up and decides to invite me to the team and trade me (here we go..)

Even my sister, whose watching me play taps me on the shoulder and goes "They're gonna brutally murder you and all your things aren't they."…to which i said "yep, I'd assume so" 😂


Well at this rate I'm at their mercy completely, so I figured "meh, what's the worst that happens, they kick me from group mid trade, I die and respawn Right?… WRONG

This level 16 starts trading me a few stimpacks, some ammo, some boiled water, faschnat plans and masks, hooked me up with an awesome level 10 sniper rifle and some clothes. This is all unexpected enough as we ARE in survival mode. I expect everything to be linked to a spawn camping trap.

By the time the trade window is finished, I throw the necessary heart icon up to show my thanks and go to stash some of the things he so nicely gifted. (Nice)

That's when I notice my bland, depressing, boring little spawnshack has been turned into a streamer filled, light emitting, jukebox playing craftroom. (Niiiice)

0um5wjj - Survival Plot Twist

My new crib

While the one kept me busy in a trade window outside, the rest of the crew gave my house a "Mike Holmes" styled makeover and turned it into what you now see above!

It's moments like these that remind me how special the wasteland can be. (When your not getting load camped at train stations/your camp). And just how much uniqueness a game like FO76 has to offer to its player

What I expected to be a grieving shitshow became one of the most memorable, touching moments I have personally experienced in gaming as a whole. There was nothing stopping them from just butchering me at my house until I logged out, they simply chose not too (on a kill or be killed world as well)

So anyways, Just wanted to share this confusing yet unique tale and thank the wastelands random renovation squad again. Y'all the real fuckin MVP's. Keep up the good work!

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