Survival Research and comments continued

fallout 4 - Survival Research and comments continued

Close to a day ago, I covered specific situations in survival mode and tested damage results. I managed to get a bit more playing time and finish my findings. In that time, I procured a Furious Explosive LMG (level 50), found some more people willing to contribute to my research and played a few hours of survival mode. I encountered 80 (including researchers) players. (I stopped playing after I had seen 80 players, I was completely broke and frustrated)

Player encounter results: I was able to kill 62/80 players. I was a much higher level in most cases, so I lost caps, a lot of caps.

12/80 players were not able to kill me at all.

27 players were running some combination of sentinel sets.

1 player killed me 3 times, and I never saw him once. I’m still salty about it.

1 player ran a cavalier set. (He was killed and not able to kill me)

37 players ran chameleon. 7 of the sentinel users also ran chameleon.

Stealth boys did not appear to be used by any player.

7 players I killed died to melee. The rest died to the FE LMG.

Weapon Results: All Weapons are compressed into the basic weapon type. Legendary effects appear to be worthless in regards to combat. Explosive guns may work but the presence of 100 percent explosive resistance is too much for explosive to be a leading edge. No players I encountered took any noticeable damage from explosives. Only 2 had PA and they died fast.

Semi Rifles: 3 hit kill

Melee: 3 hit kill

LMG: 2-5 hit kill (This thing goes hog wild. Enemies are just dropped if you can actually hit them. I think the hits to kill are irrelevant. It’s as soon as you get shots on target)

Revolvers: 3 hit kill

Pipe rifle: 3-4 hit kill

Hunting Rifle: 3 hit kill

10 mm sub: 3 hit kill

(All Weapons above kill in one shot to the head with a VATS critical)

Minigun: 10 hit kill (I’ve seen no Gatling lasers or plasma lasers. I believe that it would uphold to the same philosophy, but the LMG is clearly the better option as it has no spin up time and puts things out instantly)

Comments: With Sentinel players, you would multiply whatever number is up there for hits to kill by 15 generally. Armor penetration can reduce this, or make your attacks more consistent.

Perks do not do anything against this impending damage. Armor appears to help to a minimal degree, not enough to change the outcome in any case but the minigun. (by about 1 bullet each way. I took the median)

The Strongest things (Weapons, perks, Armor, etc.) in the game right now:

Serendipity: near 50 percent chance to not take any damage. It confirmed works, and it’s very overpowered in PvP, as PvP is very quick.

Sentinel and Assassin: they reduce your damage taken quite efficiently. Running both at one time is optimal. It makes you 15 times harder to kill to virtually unkillable.

Cavalier: It does work, but it’s much more conditional and finicky, and also disengages when you melee attack. It’s not optimal if somebody has a 100 percent lock on you in VATS all the time, but it is good against the common player.

Chameleon armor/mutation: “You can’t hit what you can’t see.” In all actuality, it prevents the vats cheese well, and prevents the headshot critical phenomenon, which will oneshot you.

A good handmade or LMG:

Handmade for VATS, it’s the best in regards to cost efficiency and action points.

LMG for non VATS, it’s the best for getting 3 shots (and more) off quickly and efficiently.

Use critical shots in VATS: they ignore armor and effects, use them on a handmade (not so much the lmg)

Methods or items that aren’t optimal:

Stealth boys: I haven’t seen these, but I’ve used them before and see why people would recommend it. The answer is no, don’t waste your time. They make noise to apply, an enemy marker is always overhead of you when you aren’t sneaking and they don’t work after the first hit. (you need 3 to kill an enemy) Perhaps if you are melee, and want to close distance, but you’ll be easily mowed down after you hit your enemy once.

Melee in general: Same thing as above but you can be mowed down earlier, as you aren’t invisible.

Berry mentats: you can very easily see people with chameleon. Chameleon prevents VATS cheese. Use it if you have trouble seeing, I suppose.

Power armor: The targeting hud and stealth boy mod would make power armor nice, but it doesn’t change any of the damage numbers, and raises your hit box, also the annoying ground pound when using marsupial, which nobody likes.

Stagger-centric builds or perks: this one comes strongly recommend to counter sentinel assassin.


The fact of the matter is simple. I was never put in a position where I could ever get off more than 5 shots (with an lmg btw) on a sentinel assassin enemy without dying. The handmade is just too fast, and the stagger is too unreliable. Yes this works great when the person in question doesn’t know where you are, but that doesn’t happen, as everyone is hiding in this game mode. If a sentinel assassin is found, they stand straight up, and kill you. It’s clockwork, even if you take every measure to cloak yourself, that first shot won’t kill them, and they will find you before you can get any reliable damage or stagger them. They spam VATS or find the source of your bullets and kill you in less than 2 seconds, without fail.

If you can kill them using this method, all the power to you, but it’s not efficient enough for me to call it any sort of counter to sentinel assassin for the common person. Not optimal, compared to critical hits. Maybe it’s a counter for sentinel assassin user against other sentinel assassin users?

So what does this all mean? What’s my personal take on it?

Let’s start with what this all means:

1) It seems that Builds are worthless. Barely anything works except for a few meta perks against players. Use builds for PVE, such that you can kill ghouls more efficiently.

2) It seems that Sentinel Assassin is king around here, and critical shots are the runner up.

3) It seems that the handmade is the Best AR, and the best generally. The LMG is the best heavy gun in PvP, and most other guns should be a skip, as they have either no ability to stagger, or low ttk, or no ability to get off good criticals.

4) You should Ditch your power armor if you haven’t already.

5) You should Sneak everywhere and use chameleon at every possibility. Get used to the crouching speed or use sleek.

What is my personal opinion?

This is baloney, in simplest terms. Think about this:

You are punished for having a high leveled character.

You are punished for not using the absolute best gear, which is extremely restrictive.

You are punished for spawning in. (Yea, great move. I’ve lost a majority of my PvP caps this way.)

You are punished for not running the most optimal build for VATS.

You are punished for standing upright if you aren’t running sentinel or cavalier, and most definitely for walking.

This isn’t a “hardcore” experience here. This is just anal rape in prison. Balanced PVP does not mean “Lmao just make every weapon kill in 3 hits” in the game where you can: straight up ignore damage, turn completely invisible, take about 5 percent of damage received by becoming a scarecrow in a field, have legitimate aim hacks (that works while invisible too), jump 10 feet in the air, have critical shots that ignore even divine intervention, lose up to 15 times as much money on death compared to your enemy, spawn camp enemies, place actual missile turrets, resist 100 percent of explosive damage, rewards (well it’s rewarded at this point) using build combinations, and wants players to use whatever type of weapon they like.

How do you think they can fix it then?

Answer is simple, revert the combat system currently in place.

Once that is done, remove the ability for sentinel and assassin to stack upon themselves. (as in 5 pieces of sentinel having all 5 effects add up to 75, and having 5 pieces of assassin add up to 4” to only one piece of that can have the effects active at a time) Make it (both of them, and other damage reduction things) 20 percent to compensate. Unyielding shouldn’t stack either, and buff it up to 5 points of everything. Other Stat buffs stacking are fine imo. They go up to 5 on armor. Creature reduction should be buffed to 40 percent to make it much more preferable and viable in survival.

If you can only run one piece of Sentinel, and it’s 20 percent along with a assassin piece that reduces damage taken from enemies, that’s much more balanced than the current system, divide off each other, 20 percent reduction, and 20 percent reduction from the reduced damage.

Remove bloodied effects stacking with adrenal reaction

Remove serendipity, it’s bullshit, and has been from day one.

Make Critical hits not ignore armor. This one always stumped me. Why? They should be powerful attacks but not one taps!

Buff Mutants and Assassins on Weapons to 30 percent.

20 on mutants for armor. 10 is weak.

Allow power armor to have mods to help resist melee damage and explosive damage, and a mod or upgrade to block the infamous ground slam animation when you jump too high, or extend the height for it immensely.

Thanks for reading y’all, but if you didn’t:

TL;DR: PVP is running on a totally different systems. Most Weapons in survival are 3 hits to kill. Sentinel assassin and sneak makes the game scarecrows vs chameleons. Power armor is bad, Handmade and fast firing guns (like the lmg) good. VATS all over place. Critical shots murder enemies. Anger, salt. Rage. Fix it.

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