Take advantage of the whole game, and you might be less frustrated about it.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - Take advantage of the whole game, and you might be less frustrated about it.

In reading this subreddit for over a month now, you come across a lot of posts expressing similar frustrations about the game.

In particularly about resources and plans/recipes.

The biggest thing people need are, ballistic fibers, screw, gears, and springs. Ballistic fiber comes from military ammo bags and military duct tape. Naturally you can find these at military spots.

Screws, gears and springs from so many different items. Sometimes items give 2 of those. And sometimes, you find those wonderful Giddyup Buttercups, which have all of them. Did you know that Battered Clipboards give springs, but regular Clipboards give gears?

Junk is everywhere. And it's smartly placed too. I know of 5 fans and two typewriters in Flatwoods. The mailboxes often have flip lighters and pocket watches. Go to any building that was an office, research facility, school, hospital or whatever, and you will find all kinds of stuff that give you the resources you are craving. The best thing. If it's an instanced building it should spawn all the stuff fresh when you enter.

Don't just focus on one spot. That's a sure way to get frustrated and take forever. I have a junk run I do, where I know certain items are going to spawn. It takes about 15 minutes, and it can net me between 25-35 of screws, gears and springs each, depending on how lucky I am, and what I find inside containers.


With recipes and plans: do events: take workbenches. Don't worry about if it's worth taking the workbench. Do it for the potential plans you might get. Then defend it at least once. (I know some people get disconnected after taking a bench. It happens. This isn't about that). I once got the small letter set from taking a workbench. That's 12500 cap plan if I had bought it.

Events also have a good chance to give. Just don't wait to long, as to me it seems the chance of getting something good goes down if you are to high a level. I'm not saying that's a fact, just that's my experience.

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Also. Don't just read what others have done, and what they farmed. Explore. So often you read someone say, I spent weeks farming Sugar Grove for the springs I need. Now that's all I do to keep my armor repaired. I've never been to Sugar Grove.

There is never going to be a place that gives you all the junk you need in one go. It's best to find a couple Junk Scrounging routes. Loop that take maybe 10-15 minutes. Since crafting benches are all over the world, it's easy enough to scrap as you go, and drop things you might not need.

The game design is such that exploring and learning are part of how successful you are. The game design isn't just about getting the best gear, that rocket pack and two shot explosive weapon. Those are all nice. And i'm not telling you that your playing wrong. Just that you might find a different approach to the game to be less frustrating.

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