Taking advantage of the quarantine to do a series run, just beat Fallout 2 the first time

fallout 8 - Taking advantage of the quarantine to do a series run, just beat Fallout 2 the first time

I’ve beaten all the other games (including 1) several times. But when it comes to Fallout 2 I always end up quitting because things tend to get too difficult, and that’s what happened here at first. Every 20 minutes it felt like I was alt+tabbing out to look on the wiki or a guide to figure out what to do. And that’s not a critique, once you get the hang of everything you’re good to go for future playthroughs. With that said here’s my journey:

Played through Fallout 1 first, no biggie, done it before.

Then I start Fallout 2, hoping this will be the time I finally beat it. I up charisma and intelligence and make minor adjustments to everything else. Tag outdoorsman for less shitty encounters, tag speech because that’s always useful, and tag repair as well. Then it starts, the… shutters Temple of Trials.

Now I know much of the community shares my opinion that this is a fucking pain to get through when I just wanna start the game. I know the developers were forced to include the tutorial level by Interplay, so my blame is on the company. Whatever, kill the bugs, pick the door, blow the other door, talk to the guy about peace just so I don’t have to deal with him. I got the vault suit, let’s go.

Get the flask and money from the elder, no biggie. Kill the plants in the garden, some neat xp. Get the flint from my aunt for a spear and head out to Klamath.

Knowing from past experience I raid Vic’s home and sell his stuff in the shop. Talk a bit to Torr (I love how he is with low INT characters) realize there’s nothing much else to do here and then head off to the Den.

I arrive there, talk to Metzger about Vic and after I give him the radio he gives me the $1000 ransom. So I go do some fetch quests delivering meals and whatnot. Only then do I realize those fucking kids flanking all the buildings have been robbing me. One took all my money and stims but I stole them back. From then on I always use the combat mode trick. I get the gang war approved and wait for them to kill each other. Loot the corpses for valuable weapons, that type thing. I also borrow one of Smitty’s shovels and dig up all the graves for some cool stuff, then return it. Talk to Karl in mom’s diner to save time with the Modoc quest later down the line. At this point I’ve saved up enough to get Vic and so I do.

We take off and end up in Modoc, I do the quest there bringing the town and the slags together, I plan on telling Karl he can return when I’m coming back with the GECK.

Hooo boi Vault City what a place. Got a day pass but I had to leave my beer at the gate. I go in and talk to Joanne, she tells me about the “Gecko Problemo”. On the way out I take their dumb test and of course fail.

I head to Gecko, talk to Harold, go back to Vault City. I know better than to talk to Joanne so I go to McClure, he gives me the part, I head back. I know the order of the commands I have to input to the power plant robot as the planets in reverse order. That’s all done and I leave, on the way I talk to and recruit Lenny the ghoul.

I go back and get citizenship, rub it in Joanne’s face a bit, and head to the Vault. Compliment Martin on his singing, and get the data for Vault 15. On the way out I talk to the one guy and get Mr Bishop’s briefcase.

I head south, kill Vic in the desert because I don’t need him. And arrive in Broken Hills. Marcus tells me about the mine and the missing people. I head to New Reno to get the parts I need, while I’m there I do some gambling to no profit whatsoever. I head up and give Mr Bishop his briefcase, he gives me the assignment to kill off that NCR guy (I never did). Then I bang his daughter and raid her room, then the other two, walking out with a good chunk of a dangerous mob Boss’s valuable possessions. I get the part from the guy and head head back to Broken Hills. Almost died running through the cave to get the purifier working. I also found the bodies of the missing people. With that Marcus agreed to come along. Before I leave though I shovel brahmin shit until I’m a few hundred bucks richer. Then wait 10 days for a caravan south.

The caravan is attacked several times. Marcus accidentally kills two of our guys, one of which happens to be Chad, which becomes a problem later. Some corpse raiding later we make it to NCR.

The gun guy attacks me for unknown reasons and I have to reload a save. (I found out later it was too early in the day). But I get through and sell a whole bunch of shit to him. In the NCR I meet Tandi and she assigns me to get the parts from Vault 15. I do all that stuff with the squatters and try several times to fight Darion to no avail. Then I realize the Vault 13 data is in the other computer that Darion isn’t guarding. Smort.

I head over to vault 13, talk to the deathclaw leader guy, and then I have to go all the way up to New Reno to get the computer parts and then all the way back. I fix it, I get the GECK, awaaaaay we go.

I get to NCR hoping to take a caravan north, but it turns out the next one doesn’t leave for two months, so I head to Broken Hills on foot, hoping to at least get a caravan ride from there to Vault City, but the whole thing is shut down because Chad is dead, whoopsie.

I arrive in vault city, find the kid’s nixon doll, get the wrench, get the tool kit, trade it for a fuel cell controller in Gecko, and head back to the Den. With the Highwayman in tow, I’m back in Arroyo in no time.


But ooooh no they’re all gone and the Enclave took them. What an unforeseen and completely unpredictable incident. I head south to Navarro. On the way I realize I forgot to talk to Karl while I was at the Den, I drive over and do that, then back to Navarro. Chris tells me to go into the minefield, instead I take the rock path to the military base, where I can’t get in. I find out I need to get the vertibird quest from Matt and head to San Francisco.

I head back to Navarro, leaving Marcus and Lenny in San-Fran. Sneaking in as a new recruit and being assigned to guard the vertibirds, I steal both the vertibird plans and the tanker fob and walk out. Seriously they just let me walk out. I kill Chris at the gas station and head back giving the plans to Matt.

I find some neat stuff in the bunker, including a T51 suit I give to Lenny. I head to the Shi and ask to see the emperor, they ask for the vertibird plans, which I have. Then they ask me to kill the leader of the Hubologists. Hooo boi was that a trip, took me about 10 tries but finally did it by just going in, shooting the guy, and running out. Stimpacking myself while they shot at me. On the way out Marcus killed Juan Cruz with his minigun while I went to the stairs, I could’ve gone up but stayed one more turn just to kill Vikki Goldman. With that I was out and this shitshow was over. On the way back I went to the tanker and the captain asshat wanted me to do something for his crew before talking to me. I chose to get the guy’s spleen back. Then in the Shi compound I got to see the emperor, transferred fuel to the ship, and with that I was on my way, one problemo tho, I had to get the nav computer parts from vault 13.

I stopped at Mariposa, and had to get the door open with dynamite in the shack. But the shack was locked and my skill wasn’t high enough. I drove back to San-Fran, bought a lockpick kit, and drove back, got the dynamite, blew open the entrance, and went in. Marcus wasted some valuable ammo on molerats, I repaired a generator, went downstairs, found some neat shit in the lockers and then left.

At Vault 13 I found all the deathclaws were gone, went into the computer and saw Frank killing everyone. Got the nav parts, and while I was over there decided I was finally powerful enough to take on Darion. He and his gang were short work for my Enclave power armor and plasma rifle. I got the spy holodisk and had that delivered. And soon enough I was back at San Francisco, I went to the Brotherhood outpost hoping to install one of the chips only to find Matt not there and began wondering, when I accessed the computer I found what had happened. How Frank Horrigan even managed to get inside that tiny ass passage is beyond me. Anyways I got to the tanker with the Nav parts. All that’s left to do now is install it.

One painstaking experience later I can firmly say that I. FUCKING. HATE. WANNAMINGOS. and those floater things too. I hope I never have to do that again. The wiki warned me the hall might be too small and companions would get me stuck. I decided to risk it. My companions got me stuck. One reload later I got the computer up and running and set us for the oil rig.

I don’t know why but I found the leaving port animation super funny.

I go into the oil rig, I recognize the big room as the place the final fight is gonna go down so I tell Marcus and Lenny to wait near the doors. I get into their computer and find that thing about the reactor, then try the presidential access but it locks me out. I promptly reloaded. After that I went and raided a bunch of lockers, talked to the elder, went in that weird maze room and cut the wires. Then went down. Talked to the president a bit, then to that scientist who poisoned everyone not wearing power armor.

Now was time to blow up the computers, a c4 or dynamite should do the trick. I didn’t have either, the wiki said there should be some in the barracks, I didn’t find them there. I looked everywhere, there was none. I was fucked. I downloaded an inventory editor and used it for the first and only time. I know I’m a degenerate but I wasn’t about to restart everything.

I try several times to kill Richardson without alerting the Enclave, finally I was able to plant the C4 and kill him. I got the access key and left for the final battle.

Now I had to convince the guys up front to turn on Horrigan, took a few reloads but I did it. Then made a wide berth around him to get into the computer and turn the turrets on him. Those and the Enclave soldiers made short work of the massive villain I’ve heard hyped up as the ultimate boss for years. Fucking Ulysses put up a better fight than that. Unfortunately Lenny wandered in front of one of the turrets and was shortly gunned down. Luckily I was able to grab his shit and leave with Marcus. The tanker drifted away while the oil rig went up in smoke and lightning. Hooray.

Then I got the message: Would you like to continue playing?

How does Fallout 2 have such a basic and demanded feature that would have fit so much better with any of the other games and yet they (except 4 of course) don’t? Eh, I probably won’t anyway. The classic games are done and I’m proud of my accomplishments. Soon I’ll start 3, probably playing a psychopathic female character. Then I’ll start New Vegas, using the playable ghoul mod to play an older and ghoulified Vault Dweller from my first game (I consider all my playthroughs canonical to each other). Then, maybe, if I can get the FO4 indoor lag issue fixed I’ll play that. Then I’ll be all done with Fallout for awhile.

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