Tale of Two Wastelands Turns D.C. balancing on its head and I love it.

fallout 7 - Tale of Two Wastelands Turns D.C. balancing on its head and I love it.

I'm sure you all have heard about Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW), but something you may not have known is how it balances the game. Since it uses the New Vegas files, super mutants become tanky beasts that are everywhere in D.C. I didn't know this at the time, but I made my way to the GNR plaza like how your supposed to in the main story.

Now I've faced a couple super mutants so far, but none as big in groups like that area. I've also been playing for awhile so my character was about level 35 with 10's in all special and I set the difficulty to very hard, so here I come in suspecting that it'll be a simple fight (just hold m1 on my LMG and win).

So i did just that and started mowing down the few not in hordes near the beginning, these guys were pretty tanky but I thought nothing of it so I just continued until I got to the building just outside GNR plaza. Every super mutant there was armed with a minigun or Chinese assault rifle. So I was getting absolutely shredded by these guys having to actually use cover and roll out of the fight to heal. So i cleared out the building that way and noticed two distinct things. I've used about a third of my 5.56 ammo and my LMG's condition was about half bad ( I used a clip or two of surplus rounds).

So I thought the fight was over and went into the actual plaza, I was so very much wrong. I come into the plaza look out to the 10+ super-mutants looking at me and go back into the building for cover. I start looking for a good spot to shoot from while the brotherhood distracts them and find a nice little sniping spot with a .32 rifle and some ammo (never knew this existed). Of course I didn't use the .32 rifle I decided to use the unique hunting rifle from the Mojave (parancia I think). Well anyways it did little to no except on the occasional critical hit, so I did the next reasonable thing: pull out an anti-material rifle, and start popping heads. Except their Damage Threshold was so high that my Anti-material rifle took about half a magazine to hit one with head shots. So I load in AP rounds, luckily these did some work on them, but I nearly ran out of AP ammo.


After I finally killed them, I hoped out the window and run to get the Fat-Man to deal with the Behemoth. For what ever reason the Fat-Man didn't spawn so I had to deal with this guy on my own. Now if a regular Super-mutant was a tank, this guy was a mountain. I pulled out Euclid C-Finder on him and that only damaged him for half-health, now this may not seem impressive, but I have a mod Installed that makes that gun deal 10x the regular damage plus a 50% chance to crit. So I just hit this guy with 1500 damage as well as a crit and extra burn damage from the blast. Eventually I just hunkered down behind the sandbags with the brotherhood and went to work. After a good ten minutes of continuous shooting he finally died. I was finally able to check the loot on all the mutants in the plaza. Over half of them had LMGs and the other bunch had a mix of mini-guns and Chinese assault rifles, and wanna know what was on the behemoth? A Chinese pistol, 10/10 reward.

Despite all of this this was honestly the most fun I've had in fallout so far, and can't wait to start my second play-through. Defintley gonna install a mod for better super mutant behemoth rewards though.

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