Tamed animals: for the love of all things right give us a way to respawn them.

fallout 2 - Tamed animals: for the love of all things right give us a way to respawn them.

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The location in this image I may spend hours server hopping at just to try and get a new animal. MY deathclaw stopped spawning when I joined again.

So Now I got this rad rat, 30 seconds after it got to my camp some one fast traveled to my camp and it died. Meaning I have to server hop again to try and get a deathclaw.

SUGGESTION: Somewhere in wastelanders add a way for us to gain longer lasting tamed animals.

The suggestion: Crazy Dave's hotdogs and pets

location: forest replacing one of the farms.

Info: Crazy Dave is a ghoul, who use to be a vet before the bombs dropped. Now well he has come to appalachia for safety while it is the most dangerous area to be in, he like animals and feels safer around them. Dave is not sane, anyone who talks to him knows that.

How to get better tamed animals: upon talking to him he will have a training and registration option for tamed animals, so if you tame a deathclaw, you can head over to him and talk about it. He will give you a quest based on the animal. Upon completing you will gain a "nest" and "toy" for the animal which you can place in the camp.

Quest examples

Examples of small, medium, and large pets.

Radrat basic care

description: dave wants me to show I know how to care for a radrat, once I have done so he will teach me how to make a nest for one.

Quest requirements

  • collect 10 spoiled meat and vegetables
  • collect 5 burned books
  • pacify 10 radrats

once all parts are complete head back to dave, and he will make a comment about the spoiled food being a bit to fresh but it works. And give you the nest and rat toy.

nest: requires 5 spoiled meat, 5 spoiled vegetables, 5 burned books, 2 wood, 4 steel. Is a trash can overflowing with trash a nest in the middle of it. Rad rat spawns near it. If the rat is killed can be repaired for 4 spoiled meat and 4 spoiled vegetables

toy: a table with radroach bits: the rat will jump on the table and nibble at the bits and make noise from time to time.

k9 basic care

description: Dave heard I got a mongrol/wolf/dog, He seems happy, though can't blame him as he has 4 glowing ones around his farm. He is willing to teach me how to do basic care if I can bring him the right supplies.

  • collect 10 canned dog food
  • collect 10 bone
  • pacify 10 mongrols or wolves
  • collect 1 dog helmet

Once all parts are complete head back to dave, he will give you a dog house plan, and a food and water bowl toy item for the dog.

Nest1: dog house, costs 10 wood, 2 bone to craft. Dog spawns in it, upon dogs "death" can be repaired for 4 canned dog food.

nest2: wolf house: costs 10 wood, 4 bone to craft. wolf spawns in it, ujpon wolf's death can be repaired for 2 radstag meat.

note: you unlock both upon completing the quest but you can only place one. (as you can only have one tamed animal at a time you are limited to one nest at a time.)


food dish toy: a static food dish with food and water, the dog will lay near it and eat from it from time to time. (cats have a smaller version.)


Description: told Dave I tamed a deathclaw, he laughed a rather strange laugh before saying I was crazy. Though he will still teach me basics of care, he suggests getting a mega sloth next time, less likely to eat other pets.

  • collect 4 deathclaw eggs
  • collect 20 bone
  • collect 10 glowing fungus
  • pacify 5 deathclaws
  • take a picture of the tamed deathclaw

once all parts are completed, head to dave, he will give you a plan for a deathclaw nest, and a deathclaw burrow. He still thinks I am more insane then him.

Nest: deathclaw nest, costs 20 bone, 1 deathclaw egg, 5 glowing fungus, 10 wood, and 2 yao gui meat. upon deathclaws "death" can be repaired for 1 egg and 1 meat.

Toy: deathclaw burrow, a unique "toy" this one can only be placed on dirt, when placed the deathclaw can burrow and dig at it, the deathclaw will actually spawn from the toy and not the nest.

unique note: the deathclaw is one of five animals which produce something from their nest, the others being; brahmin, radtoads(eggs), chickens(eggs), and guplers (junk.)

Once you complete the basic training for an animal you can build the nest for it at any time, even if the one you tamed to allow the quest dies you can build a new nest. Nests act like brahmin pins, though unlike the brahmin pin you are limited to 1 nest in your camp and it takes up 10% of your camp budget.

Another thing that can happen is some animals have advanced training. Said animals can be companions which can go anywhere on the map, not just instanced areas. These animals can die to other players or monsters meaning a trip back to camp to repair their nest and revive them.


list:Radstag, angler, deathclaw (can't go in interior areas), dog, mongrol, wolf, gulper newt.

Example of quest

k9 advanced training

decription: After teaching me the basics, dave has suggested I move onto advanced training. this will allow me to take my buddy with me instead of just having them guard the homestead.

quest: parts

  1. head to PD and find their k9 training terminal, take and pass the exam
  2. craft a set of dog armor.(plans are given at the start of the quest.)
  3. name my dog….. why haven't I done this already. (names given to pets are seen by all.)

Once the three parts are complete dave will send you to a location, sending one of his bots to bring your pet to said location. Once there you must clear a dungeon with your dog, using stimpacks to revive it if it goes down. completing the dungeon unlocks the ability to have your k9 follow you. Note if they "die" after being downed they will be found whimpering in their dog house when you return requiring a repair and a stimpack.

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