Team of 4 griefers playing the wanted bounty bait get rekt by one dude.

fallout 5 - Team of 4 griefers playing the wanted bounty bait get rekt by one dude.

Tl;dr; 4 players using the wanted player trick as bait lored me into the trap, and got team wiped when the plan didn't go their way.

I was looking for a new place to build my camp, and was hovering over the resources holes on a google image. I wanted a lead extractor, so I was looking around Fort Defiance, while I was speculating the map. I noticed a wanted player by the Whitesprings, only lvl 50 something… and around him was 3 other players, including a lvl 293! player. I figured that they would have claimed the bounty, so I ignored it for a minute. Moments later, I noticed that he was still wanted and it caught my attention. Now his bounty was sitting at 50 caps… I got tempted, and I took off for the bounty.

Once I loaded in, I saw the wanted guy right in front of me. I back up as he took a few swings at me, and I kind of got the idea that something wasn't right. The wanted player was very hostile, and that kind of hostility is met with swift justice usually. Although, there were 3 others… and this dude. Why hasn't none of them took him out. The wanted player backed up and paused, this gave me a moment to analyze the situation. I have a recon scope on my bloodied vat crit hunting rifle, so I was tagging them as I speculated each one. The level 293 was watching from the roof of the club, he had a Handmade and just stood there. On to my right was a lvl 104 bloodied sniper, just like myself with only a quarter of his health. Now, I noticed something strange. He wasn't Idle, his gun wasn't holstered. So he was ready to engage… which made me think even more… He can easily 1 shot the wanted dude. How come he hasn't made a move. On to my right was the lvl118 Power Armor dude. Once I looked at him, he reloaded a .50 cal. Then it hit me… IT WAS A TRAP!!! LOL…

So I tried to pretend I wasn't there for the wanted player and I began walking towards the Whitespring shopping area… Next thing you knew it… They were all shooting at me and I ran as fast as I could. I am a Bloodied build, so they could easily kill me with slap damage. As I was running away, the wanted player brought out the Area Chat, and in a weird Accent, He began to chant "Run Forest! Run!" and yes. I ran like an ape on steroids. I jumped over walls,dodged blowing up cars, passed through ghouls to slow them down and that is when a 3* ghoul pops up and draws them away from me. I gained some ground and went into chameleon and lost them near the robots at the whitespring shopping area entrance, and this is where they F'ed up. You see, I just needed to make sure the engagement is in my advantage, seeing as I was up against 4 players. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Now, I have one crit banked and 4 targets. I was thinking that I need to use my critical wisely, as it will down one for sure, but which one to take out first. I thought I would start with the lvl 293, because in my experience with PVP, I can tell you for a fact that any player beyond lvl 200+ has to be mastered in their build. Then again, I was concerned from the sniper who could potentially one shot me. The sniper would most likely be Unyielding or Sentinel Assassin, so one shotting him may be a challenge if I do not have a critical. The guy in the Power Armor could be a power horse, but the perforating magazine+tank killer on my hunting rifle would easily beat his damage resistance in a few shots without criticals. I was thinking it out as I sneaked my way towards them. One thing for sure though… the wanted player had to be the last one. as I had other plans for him if I was to pull it off.


I climb on top of the building by the pool area and make my way to the very tip and enter into chameleon. I see all four of them, the level 293 back at the roof, the sniper inside the clubhouse, and the power armor dude by the tennis court. I begin the war by shooting once at the level 293, and then shot once without a VATS crit o test the water of his build. Not suprised, my shot did around 20%, Sentinel Assassin confirmed! Vats critical and he is down on his knees! Once he fell, he began to use the HELP emote, but I left him alive to bait out the others. The guy in the power armor ran to his rescue, and I begin shooting him with VATS, trying to build a critical. On my 4th shot, a critical procs and downs him next to his buddy. Now they are both calling for help. But I didn't kill either of them yet. I wanted to lore out the sniper. You see, when the shooting started, he went around and wanted to pull a pincer attack from my side.I had no time to waste, I needed a critical shot before I engaged the sniper, so I started to shoot at the frogs by the pool and the second frog charged my critical right in time for the sniper who peeked around the pool only to be met with a fatal critical shot. Once I took him down. All hope was lost and they all gave up the help emote and did seek revenge… It was raining caps lol

As for the wanted player, while all the shooting went down. He stayed hiding by the bus in front of the club, and when they all gave up and respawned, he tried to make a run for it. I waited for his diamond (Recon tag) to begin moving and once I got sight of him… one shot and he was down. I ran up to him as he sat on his knees, opened my mic and said "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know which mother @#%@#$ you gonna get." Blowing a shot straight into his head.

A good player knows when to fold his cards, I figured I would walk away with the win and the bitter taste of their loss on their mouths. I server hopped and took the glory with me.

Edit: I got jelly that I missed out on the 3* ghoul, however I appreciate his effort to jump in on my defence. I'm pretty sure he must have been a cool guy before the nukes hit.

Edit for proof: For the sake of some sort of evidence, I have the video of the first three kills without the fourth lvl 50 dude, I recorded after I killed the main 3 threats, but I recorded again after i Logged out to get the lvl 50 dude, but I passed 10 minutes and failed to capture it. I placed an image as I do not know how to blur out names as I do not want to shame them. Hopes this adds some sort of validity to my story.

For post reference https://imgur.com/gallery/FUMzjXs

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