Technical Data Hunting – Some Tips and data.

fallout 3 - Technical Data Hunting - Some Tips and data.

I decided to start actively hunting tech data, today I got the last of the current rare drops with the T60 BOS Elder paint, and thought I'd share some tips and data on what turned out to be quite the grind.

All % are based off 232 technical data submissions and rounded to nearest %point.

This was done on the PC, but no reason to think other platform rules are any different.

I'll start with the good stuff, the rewards. There is 3 types of Loot than can drop, Aid, Apparel, Plans.

<<Aid>> – 62% Chance of Dropping the following items (equal chance of each)





<<Apparel>> – 31% Chance of Dropping one of the following items

Field Scribe Uniform -16%

Engineers Uniform – 25%

Bomber Jacket – 30%

Army Fatigues – 10%

Brotherhood Scribe Outfit – 6%

Science Scribe – 13%

<<Paint>> 6% Chance of Drop. Note, Starting with Knight, they drop in order, but only after you have learned previous rank. –

T-60 BOS Knight

T-60 BOS Knight Captain

T-60 BOS Knight Sergeant

T-60 BOS Knight Officer

T-60 BOS Paladin

T-60 BOS Elder

There is also additionally a 13% chance of a Random 1* Piece of Max level Armour. (Strangely I never dropped a Right Arm).

<<Tech Data Locations>> –

White Springs Bunker, military wing desks (26 in the room, plus one in the detention room)

AMC Watago (28 Desks and Filing Cabinets) The place is packed with turrets.

Robco Research Center (12 Filing Cabinets)

Sugar Grove (15 Filing Cabinets)

VTU (12 Filing Cabinets)

Safes, level 2 and 3 safes (possibly level 1, not checked enough) have a chance for technical data, I tended to avoid them as I cannot be bothered with the mini-game, but the rules are the same, if they don't have tech data loot, leave whats in and the loot re-rolls when you next load into the world.

<<Tech Data Farming>>

When you load into the server the loot in each of these containers has a chance to be either tech data, ordinary loot or empty. Once you have looted the desk of anything it will not respawn loot again for about 72 hours (I've been unable to find exactly how long, there seems to be some rng on the time).


So to maximize your chances, look at each of the desks, if there is technical data then grab it, and submit it, if there is anything else, leave it, the next time you load into the server the loot changes with a chance of Tech Data.

<<Other Tactics>>

If you have a very patient friend who has not completed the Forbidden Knowledge quest they can stack, drop and sell tech data, they can farm much faster as they do need to submit the data everytime.

However, it appears that they can only loot techdata from a container once, not completely confirmed but when I tried with an Alt character and the Whitesprngs bunker had not refilled after 108 hours. (I'll continue to check now and then, and update this post if this changes)

Another caveat, the friend can only drop 1 usable piece of data per session, if they drop a 2nd it cannot be submitted. The friend needs to drop to main menu and reload into the world.

<<Things I don't know…>>

I don't know the actual refresh rate of containers, it appears to be between 48 to 72 hours.

I don't know what rare loot drops after Elder, possibly nothing.

I don't know if there is any super rare drops, I've not heard of anything other than the above loot dropping.

I don't know if SPECIAL has anything to do with it, I have 12 luck and have not tested with anything else.

I don't know the % Chance of Technical data spawning in a container, I did not track this, if I had to guess I would say low, 10%-15%, an unlooted Whitesprings bunker typically has 2-4 pieces of tech-data.

I don't know if submitting multiple pieces changes the chances, I tested 10 times with 2 bits, the % seemed the same.


If you are looking for a full set of paints and you have average luck you'll be aiming to submit around 120 pieces of techdata.

sT35DY6 - Technical Data Hunting - Some Tips and data.


In other news the BOS apparel vendor will be open for business as soon as player vending starts 🙂


Hope this helps, good luck out there.

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