Technical Documents and other Brotherhood of Steel Items.

fallout 5 - Technical Documents and other Brotherhood of Steel Items.

I made a post a few days ago about these, but I figured I'd make a new post and fix the structuring of this info.

First of all, the Technical Documents. These are found in various drawers, desks, filing cabinets and safes all around the map and can be turned in at Camp Venture to complete the Forbidden Knowledge quest.

This quest only unlocks after you have gone about midway through the Brotherhood of Steel questline.

The rewards vary from each turn in. You will always get a few aid items and some ammo, sometimes you will get a bonus reward. Bonus rewards can include a BoS oufit from the entire pool of them (discussed below), a 1*Combat armor piece, or the BoS Initiate Paintjob for your T-60 power armor.


BoS Outfits are found throughout the map at various BoS locations. These include the Brotherhood Science Scribe outfit, the Brotherhood Lab Coat the Brotherhood Scribe outfit, the Engineer outfit, the Field Scribe outfit, Military Fatigues, and the Bomber Jacket. I will inlcude a link to show them all on my character at the bottom of my post.

These can be found in the Appalachian Antique store, and other BoS locations or given as rewards for Forbidden Knowledge.

There is also a Field scribe hat that can be found in the tent with the bunkbeds at the Thunder Mountain Workshop or on a shelf in the antique store.

I also have a flight helmet that goes well with the bomber jacket, if i recall correctly I also found it in the Antique store.


BoS Underarmor is a little harder to find, I only know of two static locations on the map.

These include the Brotherhood Fatigues, which are found next to the Field Scribe's Hat at Thunder Mountain. This has an Urban Camo color scheme similar to the Enclave Urban Scout armor. It is on the ground on the right side of the tent, and it blends in with the trash on the ground so it can be hard to spot.

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The Brotherhood Soldier Suit is an orange jumpsuit similar to the Fallout 4 one you see Danse wearing, minus the cap on the head. This can be found on Elizabeth Taggerdy's body at the end of the Glassed Cavern. The plans for it can also be sold by Phoenix in Watoga.


The Brotherhood Knight Suit is identical to the soldier suit in appearance, but it will be given as a random reward for turning in technical documents.

The Brotherhood Officer Suit is like the other suits but with black instead of orange, these can be found at Drop Site V-9 and Forward Station Delta

These outfits are shown in the link at the bottom.


T-60 Power Armor is the standard Brotherhood power armor in this game. (Even though all their soldiers are wearing T-51b, their plans and paints are for T-60) So I'll go over any related places to find schematics for them and their mods.

First of all, yes, you can craft T-60 Power Armor. You get have a chance to get a plan for a random limb as a reward for the Distant Thunder event.

The plans for T-60 armor Modifications are hard to come by, but by doing all the BoS events and looking at the plans Phoenix has for sale, you have a good chance of finding some. I currently have the Hydraulic Bracers, Optimized Servos, Overdrive Servos, Kinetic Dynamo, and Emergency Protocols plans learned.


BoS Event Rewards are often related to power armor. Aside from the rewards I will go through below, they also have a chance of giving you a 1*combat armor piece instead of the other rewards, or in rare cases alongside the rewards.

Distant Thunder rewards can include the Plans for the T-60 Power Armor, or random plans for power armor mods

Surface to Air will often give you a random piece of T-51b Power armor, NOT the plans, only the piece. It will also reward you with random mod plans for T-45 and T-51b, like motion assist servos and hydraulic bracers.

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Line in the Sand will give you 2 fusion cores each time you complete it with a low chance for power armor mod plans.


I hope you find this guide helpful and feel free to add any information you have

Edit 1: Outfits shown on my character: https://imgur.com/gallery/6QyWhKe

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