Tell me your toxic stories where YOU were the bad guy.

fallout 3 - Tell me your toxic stories where YOU were the bad guy.

Been on both ends. I often see people complain about how somebody was mean and toxic to them, they should get banned, they ruined your day, etc etc. It has happened to me as well. Mostly while in workshops, but those are meant to be pvp places anyways.

I never hear the other way around. I want to hear stories about how you completely annihilated another person that was minding their own business. A person that did nothing to you, but was just a victim of your rampage. Upvote or downvote. Share your stories. Here goes my story.

I looked on the map and saw there were 4 people at my camp. One guy was purchasing most of my stuff (a random teammate) and the other 3 were just there. So I went to check it out. I assumed they were simply using my workbenches and they were. No problem. I don’t mind, I have it unlocked for people to use. I wave hello, and all 3 of them come towards me, a level 14, a level 30, and a level 58. They run towards me, punch me, tea bag. And give the F U emote, or angry emote whatever you want to call it. I’m not a vendor very often, so whenever I do sell plans, they are usually 30-40 caps. I don’t really sell weapons, so mostly ammo and plans. I figured they were mad at my prices, but it just didn’t make sense. Were they mad because they didn’t like my camp? Or the character I was. (Elder maxon with the coat) I gave the question emote. But I just kept getting the same responses. I was on party chat with a friend so if they were talking to me I couldn’t hear them.

Obviously I’m in pacifist, so they aren’t doing damage. I turn it off, and I guess they were in pacifist too because I wasn’t getting a warning that I was under attack. They started killing my cow, and although they weren’t doing damage to my camp, I couldn’t use my workbenches or add stuff to my store because they kept distracting me. So I had a brilliant idea.


I went into my workbench room. Locked the door. Then I ran outside and closed it. The level 15 decides to pick it. Gets a bounty. So I kill him. He drops about 100+ pounds of junk. I loot it. His friends see that and try to kill me. But they are pacifist. I do the same thing again, lock it. Close it behind me. Now the level 30 picks it. Gets a bounty so I kill him too. He drops a small amount of junk. Nothing crazy. Maybe 20-30 pounds. Loot it anyways. The two guys respawn. And are watching me. Attacking me, but since they are pacifist. I’m perfectly fine. The level 58 is inside. I lock him in. He gets in his power armor, and takes out his minigun. He just stood there. I assumed he was smart and decide to simply fast travel to my camp so he wouldn’t be stuck there. But he also picked the lock. I instantly kill him. I looted Soooooooo much junk from him. Insane amount. I don’t know if this was his mule account, he was trading junk with the low levels, or he was just a hoarder. But it was about 300+ pounds. I had to waddle to my scrap box.

Now all 3 come back, my teammate is just watching. Not knowing what to do.

All 3 are just attacking me, I guess they figured out how to turn pacifist mode off. So I decide to “use a workbench” so they attack me while I’m not paying attention. I turn around. Take out my legacy. And kill all of them. I drop down spoiled meat and a “you’ve been insulted”

They come back I moved out of the way, they see what’s inside, I give them a heart emote, and then I leave the server.

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