Tennessee is a good option in keeping with the Appalachia theme for the new maps. What other states would everyone want to go?

fallout 6 - Tennessee is a good option in keeping with the Appalachia theme for the new maps. What other states would everyone want to go?

So I posted this a while ago and didn’t get much traction but with the news of new maps I figured it was worth trying again. Mainly interested in seeing what other states have to offer as well.

Tennessee is probably too similar to West Virginia for Bethesda to want to do this for the new maps but thought it would be fun nonetheless. Western Tennesseans feel free the chime in on the obvious stuff this Easterner left out.


Smoky Mountains – It’s, well, mountainous. Pretty identical to WV but has dozens and dozens of unique spots throughout.

Plateau – Most people don’t realize the size of the Cumberland Plateau but its huge and the Fallout world could do some cool things with it.

Farmland – Not really a region but there is plenty of this all over the state especially in the middle/western part of the state.

Mississippi River – Tennessee’s Western border, time to call in the Enclave Navy?

Larger Cites

Nashville – Obviously music themed and also the capital

Memphis – Lots of history and unique places (a certain vendor might like the bbq here)

Knoxville – College town with a lot of places to explore in the surrounding areas

Chattanooga – Beautiful city with cool places like the Tennessee Aquarium and Lookout Mountain

Tri Cities – Nascar country that actually covers a lot of land with

Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City combined

Also, Caves – TN is littered with them

Unique Towns/Locations

Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Dollywood – Despite being a couple of small towns this area is basically one big amusement park and would translate very well in a Fallout game. Not to mention Dollywood which is one of the largest theme parks in the country.

Fall Creek Falls – Would make a great setting for a base

Memphis Pyramid – Cool architecture that in no way fits into the landscape just like Palace of the Winding Path

Sun Studios – Birthplace of Rock n Roll, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.


Beale Street – World famous and could be themed around food markets

Museum of Appalachia – Tadpoles 2.0

Graceland – Great place for a unique daily geared around music

Cades Cove – Can probably be lumped into Gatlinburg but this place (and the whole Smoky Mountains National Park) deserve their own spot on the map

Grand Ole Opry – More music locations from Music City

The Parthenon – A full size replica museum to the one in Rome cause why not

The Lost Sea – Largest underground lake in the whole world. Great place for a settlement and/or vault

Appalachian Trail – I think this was technically already in Fallout 76 but should have its own quest line regardless

Oak Ridge Nuclear Plant – Aside from being a Nuclear facility they also do some weird experiments and other things there that I’m sure we’ll never even hear about. Also the birth place of the Nuclear Bomb, pretty relevant.

AT&T Building – This can be where all the evil lives.

Radio (if royalties weren’t a thing)

Dolly Parton – Jolene

Arrested Development – Tennessee

Dolly Parton – Smoky Mountain Memories

Grateful Dead – Tennessee Jed

Pixies – Letter to Memphis

Charlie Daniels Band – Tennessee Two Step

Johnny Cash – Going to Memphis

10 Years – Wasteland

Brownie McGee – Two More Songs

Ronnie Milsap – Smoky Mountain Rain

John Denver – Foxfire Suite

B&F Bryant – Rocky Top

Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains

Bob Dylan – Nashville Skyline Rag

Indigo Girls – Nashville

Lyle Lovett – I’ve been to Memphis

Old Crow medicine Shop – Motel in Memphis

Bottle Rockets – Get Down River I know there is a ton here I am leaving out plus you could throw in just about any local artist from Nashville on here

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