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fallout 3 - Terminator Future War setting for Fallout 4

Take a seat, lads. I have got an idea.

I am a HUGE fan of Terminator series since childhood. Lore is well-written, characters are decent etc. I have waited for the new films with a great hype every time but the producers have always been sticking with the "Present-time-come-with-me-if-you-want-to-live" setting. I personally loved the future war setting because its dark atmoshpere and the struggle survivors have in this Future War is so perfect for post-apocalyptic setting. They tried to make a film about the future and it didn't go well, as you can remember. Neither film producers, nor game developers (especially this one) never intended to use this Future War setting. Maybe because it's too expensive or needs more work, I don't know. But personally, I have always wanted to play a open-world Terminator game which has this "Future War" setting, since childhood. Imagine you are trying to find some meds for your wounded mate while hiding from patrolling HKs and machines, seeing random events on the road and maybe you meet with random people who needs some help etc. It would be so fantastic that it will be enough to make me lock myself at home and play it without stopping.

I discovered Fallout series in 2016 and liked it because I always wanted to roam this post-apocalyptic world without limits and struggle to survive where supplies are scarce and everybody killing each other. It fulfilled most of my desire on this dream. (Then I went through its lore and fell in love with it). Then something came to my mind. Something that would fulfill maybe thousands of people's desire.

What if we merge this two universes to one?

I have searched if there was any attempts to make this setting possible but found nothing. I have a short scenario for this setting (if it gains some attention, it can be discussed further, add or remove things on it, think like it's a "Beta of the Beta" version)

Everything in the Fallout universe exist, but storyline is different. Oil are scarce, America liberates Alaska, Resource War happens. But instead of American victory, China won the war and taken control of the last remnants of oil on the Earth. US Government, Vault-Tec and RobCo Indusries have been working for an AI, "Skynet", for military-use to make better decisions on less time. The defeat on Anchorage was unacceptable for US Government and US commanders become less and less succesful on their campaigns. The Government had to do something fast to take back these resources from Chinese hands. But Skynet was not ready (or may far-from ready). US Government wanted to take a quick act so despite the warnings from scientists working on the AI, they gave the green light on Skynet's initiation. Like in Terminator 3, Skynet self-awares, decides that humans are the enemies and uses nuclear bombs on major cities on October 23th, 2077. Instead of the ol' Great War, Judgement Day happens.


Just like in Fallout 4, our character is formerly soldier. You have a regular day on our house, are been enlisted for Vault 111, see news about the nuclear detonations, escape to the vault, world dies, get frozen.

Then you wake up because of a malfunction. After waking up, you see everyone frozen on their pods, when you read the terminal, you realise that they died because of the failure on life-support system. You went out lucky but the others didn't. You only knew about the nuclear detonations, nothing more; which year you are in, what exactly happened to the world etc.

(As it takes place on Fallout 4's world, Boston, for now) When you managed to get out from your vault, you see the Sanctuary in ruins, like the rest of the city. Then you go to Sanctuary, but there was nobody there. Skeletons and dead bodies around the houses. Your old home, it's a dead place now. You had to look for someone to get some answers, so you make your way to Concord, with a hope to find a survivor there. After you arrived there, you see some bodies laying on the ground but there is something different, and wrong. Aside the human bodies, there are metallic ones, with a frightening appearance. There must be a survivor, you think. Then you enter the Museum of Freedom. While looking around, you managed to find a group of survivors. They approaced with caution to you first. They are asking you to prove that you are a real human. You don't understand in the first place. After they approve you, they give you a little story about the ambush they got there. You asked what happened to the world but they said that you need to leave here together as soon as you can because the gunfire will attract the others so there will be reinforcements, more than they just had. They know a tunnel underneath the museum. So you escape from Concord together. After the escape, they offer you to come with them to their shelter. You learn that there are other survivors beside them. You accept and hit on the road.

I am not sure I should write the rest of the story but for now, I am not going to, I guess (as it is going to spoil the story). The setting is more focused on surviving in the Wasteland. Supplies are scarce, machines roaming the streets, looking for survivors to take down, most of the people are dead. Unlike Fallout, roaming the wasteland will be the true struggle, you will be shot on sight so you need stealth on the wasteland. In the middle of the harsh battle between the humans that are struggling to survive and fight and the dominant AI which is trying to make humans extinct., you will be looking for answers. This world is dark and depressing, there are deaths and pain everywhere.

This thing have been in my head for months and wanted to share it. It is open for discussing the storyline in every aspects as I have mentioned before. It's a "Beta of a Beta", nothing is certain at this point.

So, what do you think?

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