Testing the Community 2: The Sequel

fallout 7 - Testing the Community 2: The Sequel

Hi me again, I've decided to come back due to me being very impressed with what I wrote last time (I don't have an ego problem I swear) and my lack of anything to do today. I went through the comments of the OG post (https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/cax9lx/testing_the_community/ ) and other than discovering that I've been disqualified as a candidate for overseer by Zax, I've taken some of what was said into consideration for the next tests. It will still be done in Nuclear Winter, 5 more tests will still be conducted and the spawn area will stay in the resort becasue for some reason I still think people spawn there. The question remains the same also (obviously), can I find a friend in Nuclear Winter. However this time round no gear or weapons will be collected prior to meeting a person, hopefully with the impact of making me seem more friendly. As well as doing the heart emote and the Camera emote as well as the wave. Now let the tests begin.

Test 6: As I loaded into the vault Zax tried to scare me by telling me that making friends would result in betrayal. Little did he know on how wrong I was about to prove him. When the spawns were shown it couldn't be more perfect, with my next experiment spawning right next to me. I was mainly excited that I didn't need to go wandering around. As I began to load in I could already hear the footsteps. I ran into the large building of the resort still with the invisibility on that you get when you spawn in, I knew this was going to be it. When I went into the building I started off with a simple wave, and then things started to go downhill. The person was spamming a sniper on me, but I couldn't be killed yet. My only fear in that moment wasn't that I was going to die. But that it was going to take f*cking forever to load into a new match.

Test 7: As I spawned in I was plagued by the same problem as previous tests from the last post. No one at the resort, I was starting to think that maybe the resort wasn't as hot as I remembered. My first instinct, of course, was to go to Sutton. But I saw a few people spawn in at the high ropes course, you know the one that nobody uses cause Fallout is not a platforming game Bethesda, you bloody idiots. The first person I ran into was level 6 man going by the name of Bccononator. I say his name because he was the one. I was waving and doing the heart emote when I came upon them. They had already killed two people so I was a little cautious. But he responded. He was my star of David, my symbol of hope, the one that proved Todd right. Jesus could step down, Brian could step down, because I found the true messiah and his name was Bccononator. He became a friend and I stayed at his side until I died. He accepted my friendship and never betrayed me, which meant that Zax could go f*ck himself with all his lies. I finally found one. Now I just needed to find more

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Test 8: I won't lie to you, this test was one of my greatest failures. Of course no one spawned at the resort, so I made my way to Sutton because everyone at Sutton and if you doubt me go to to Sutton during a NW game, there's always a person there. However, on my trek down disaster struck me. Two Mirelurk hunters spawned in front of me. I know what your thinking, "Oh whats the problem with that". Well the problem was that I had no weapons or armour and horrible AP. I ran, or at least attempted to run, for my life. There was an attempt to escape but well, you can tell by now how all of these tests usually end

Test 9: So the good news was that finally someone else was at the resort for the spawn. I ran down to the pool, which was where they spawned, and began to wave. They came over from the playground looking like they had the intent of a parent trying to chase away Kevin Spacey from a playground. They saw me and shot, a single bullet. I than did the heart emote, another shot. I was at the point where one more shot would kill me. So I crouched, as an attempt to prove that I meant no harm. Their gun was trained at me. I knew what was coming but I didn't know how to stop it. My last act was to leave everything to my brahmin, so that he can continue where I failed.

Test 10: The final test. The big showdown of the Sequel. The thing that would prove if these tests (5-10) were worthy a enough sequel to get praise equal to the masterpiece of Shrek 2. I had high anticipation to see if I could find another as noble as Bccononator. And I did. I found a group of Bccononators. When I first spawned in there was no one at the resort. So I bet you can all guess where I went. The sweet sweet town of Sutton, home of the Froglegs, graveyard of the others. While entering the town I saw people running around it, gathering loot. They didn't see me. I went into the town and it seemed that the people I swear I saw had disappeared. I went onto the road, found them, and then followed them waving along the way. It seemed that they couldn't see me. Eventually they built a camp and I knew they must have seen me by that point. They did, they waved back at me and gave me a heart, which was when I knew I was apart of the team. I did it. Unfortunately, in Fallout fashion, all good things must end. Another player from the team came to rejoin their comrades. Only to see me. With few shots of the grenade launcher he knocked me down and I was out of the game. I was distraught. But I still copped a photo with one of the people in the team.

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To conclude my discoveries, I have found that my answer has been confirmed. Even in the pvp world of Nuclear Winter you can make friends with the enemy. Now after finding the answer to this question I am left with another. Could everyone in a game of Nuclear Winter team up with each other? But for now I must leave you with the knowledge that If you ever need to kill someone, or just want to find someone, go to Sutton because for some reason there is always one f*cker in Sutton

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