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fallout 5 - Testing the Community

Today I thought of an idea to do, and in my classical fashion it was one of my more stupid ideas. I thought I would test the friendliness of the community of Fallout 76. Whenever I play Survival there was always a 50/50 chance that every person I'd run into would try to kill me. But I wondered, 'Hey I wonder what would happen if I went to Nuclear Winter and try to be friends with people?' so I went out and did it. I went into the gamemode which encourages the murder of other players, looking for a friend. I placed some simple rules for the experiment; I would always spawn at the resort and I must go to the nearest person and make friends with them, and no matter what they do I must NOT attack them.

Test 1: I found two people close to the resort. One was hiding behind a tree while the other was sneaking into the resort. I was a spy watching a spy watching a really careless person. I went to the one that was spying on the other and waved. They looked at me in shock, most likely baffled at my foolish move. For a solid few seconds nothing happened. They had their weapon trained in my direction and I thought maybe they won't shoot. At which point they smoked my peace preaching ass to kingdom come.

Test 2: I found a person by the pool of the resort, more specifically the pool room with the tables and stuff. I waited outside and just waved. They came out and proceeded to walk in the complete opposite direction. I was a little upset they didn't see me so I chased after the person thinking they might have been the person of my dreams, the one to prove Todd right. I caught up to them and waved. Without hesitation they shot me.

Test 3: When the positions for spawn where confirmed I was shocked at the lack of anyone near my location. But alas I would not give up my quest. I ventured to Sutton because there is always a person at Sutton. As I walked around I was saddened by the lack of people there. But as I was leaving someone was entering. I waved in hope they would notice my peacefulness. As they walked up to me with no weapon in hand I knew my mission was complete. When stopped in front of me I knew I found them. The man to prove that no matter what gamemode there will always be one person that wont attack you. Unfortunately, As you can see another test below this one you might have figured out that they killed me. 5 seconds after they stopped in front of me they whipped out a gatling gun and you can figure out the rest.

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Test 4: I was beginning to lose all hope especially after the previous tests, but a small part of me thought that there might still be a chance. Again no one, not a single soul, spawned at the resort. And the rest of the match played out in the similar manner. I walked and walked and fell and walked and not a soul in sight. I started playing I Spy with myself. Which eventually I gave up because it was too hard. But in all my grief, I had the haunting realisation that I might accidentally make it into the final circle. Which would be a F**king nightmare. I would never be able to be friends with anyone if they've already murdered people. They would be too blood thirsty. However, a knight in shining power armour appeared out of the forest too save the day. Hiding behind a twig probably thinking that I wouldn't see them. Idiot. I waved but alas I never made it to the final circle.

Test 5: I knew this would be the final test. While some would've already figured out that in a gamemode literally made to encourage killing people that maybe, just maybe it wouldn't have friendly people. I was determined to prove a point. Again with no f**king people at the resort I had to travel, my final attempt to make a friend in the Nuclear Winter. I went to Sutton again, because honestly if you want to kill someone in NW go to Sutton there's always one di**head there. I went into Sutton Station, getting some loot and then I heard it. The sounds of footsteps. The final test. The final chance. The final shot. I went outside, heart racing with excitement. Then I saw who was making the sounds, a person with Frog Legs. I thought all hope was lost. I thought that I would be decimated instantly with a grenade launcher. I waved hopelessly. But then they stopped. I wondered for a second that maybe, just maybe they would be my friend. And then I saw it. The emote that completely changed my world at that point. A wave. A simple wave which changed my day. From feeling hopeless, to knowing that there are friendly people in NW. Of course they killed me a few seconds after BUT I am claiming the wave as a gesture of friendship. I answered my question. Which is yes, in a extremely rare chance you might actually find a friend in the enemies of Nuclear Winter.

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