Thank you, Bethesda for making MY perfect game!

fallout 2 - Thank you, Bethesda for making MY perfect game!

I'm the guy who buys an MMO and plays 90% of the game solo and then loses interest after getting to the content where you need to join a guild and start raiding on a schedule (ie: a virtual job).

I'm also the guy who really enjoyed all the other Fallouts, but felt a bit lonely and was bummed I couldn't show off the cool build on my character.

FO76 fits my playstyle perfectly. I can do my own thing as long as I like, but can choose to causally join other people to take down big bosses and group events. I can also show off my CAMP or cool gear on the occasional encounter with wandering strangers. Perfect!

Anytime I find myself fighting the weight limits or the hungry/thirsty meter I'm reminded that this is a SURVIVAL game. It's not a build a settlement or become a Thane type game. It's a "you're own your own kid, good luck" game. Someone who is scraping by trying to survive wouldn't have 3 sets of armor and 5 extra guns just because they looked cool. They would have just barely what they needed and maybe a cool hat they found along the way. Again, perfect!

There are bugs and tech issues to be sure, but I started playing WoW the night it was released, and if I can forgive that nightmare, I can forgive the occasional glitch as they tweak the game.

Thanks, Bethesda!

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