Thank you, Fallout 76 community

fallout 8 - Thank you, Fallout 76 community

Thank you to all of the people who provide knowledge and guidance on this reddit. I just started playing Fallout 76 about two months ago. I spent my first couple of weeks basically "jumping in" to the game on my own, without looking up much information, because I like to play games "blind" and see what I can figure out on my own. After a couple of weeks, I started reading more of these reddit posts, to start fine-tuning my game a little more, once I understood the basic mechanics. A few days ago, I had made it to level 62. I spend a lot of time just wandering and exploring, and I do a lot of gathering and crafting, because I enjoy relaxing with those sort of things in games, after a long day at work. When I saw it was a double XP weekend, I decided to focus on gaining some levels more quickly than I have been, to take advantage of the XP bonus. I only had a couple of hours to play after work, on Thursday and Friday. I was able to put some hours into it yesterday, before and after time I already had scheduled out with friends. Today, I was able to spend a lot of the day just playing. I have read a lot of great advice on this reddit about how to level. I was especially interested in trying out the Cranberry Relish (I had recently found the recipe in the game) and some of the tips about going after Super Mutants and cryptids, doing events, etc.


Using much of the knowledge I gained from here, I was able to go from level 62 to 80 in the past few days, without being able to really devote a lot of time to it. That is MUCH FASTER than I have normally been leveling, but I decided to focus on going after high point monsters and completing events. I normally stick to the easy areas like the woods and the north of the map, and easy events like tea time and leader of the pack. I am happy with easy-going games. The past few days, I tried a few events I never did before, like Breach and Clear and a couple of others I forgot the names of. I was also fighting plenty of super-mutants, snallygasters, wendigo, the Grafton Monster, and the Mirelurk Queen. In fact, a lot of yesterday involved claiming the Grafton Steel Company and Wade Airport, then using them to fast travel back and forth for free, to kill the Grafton Monster in Charleston (along with the two snallygasters there and any Super Mutants running around) and to kill the Mirelurk Queen over and over again. When I would leave the area to go kill the other one, when I would return, each of them would respawn every time. Just going back and forth between those two helped with leveling considerably, but it would not have been nearly as effective without all of the advice from the contributors to this reddit about great XP enhancing tips, optimizing certain perk cards, etc.

Thank you all for all you do to help us new people to understand this game, and to help us continue to improve our personal game playing experience. 🙂

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