Thank you, pc modders! Praise Mod!

fallout 7 - Thank you, pc modders! Praise Mod!

Just wanted to say thanks to anyone in the community that makes mods. Coming from a graphic artist and fan of the Fallout series, I sincerely thank you for making these games what they are. I truly believe that without the community mod makers, fallout would have died a decade ago. PC streamers kept the games relevant and popularized them to AAA status. Modders fixed the bugs and crashes, added acid rain, dust storms, survival mode, anti-crash systems and basically gave the community what Bethesda would not or rather, could not. There are some mods that introduce whole massive questlines, for free. DLC and some huge features in the console versions would not even be around without community suggestions and these modders to bring it to fruition.


This is what is most upsetting about all the new bugs in Fo76. If people who aren't getting paid a salary can fix the game and keep it alive for years, why can't Bethesda? What am I missing?

Here is a link to a canceled project because legal reasons. Hopefully, modders do it anyways..


Fallout 4: New Vegas

There's also a NV mod to be able to play Fo3 in it. A train joins both worlds and you essentially use your NV character to play in an updated Fo3.

So, thank a pc mod creator, even if you're on console.

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