Thank you to the two Police Officers who confiscated my house – My best FO76 experience!

fallout 7 - Thank you to the two Police Officers who confiscated my house - My best FO76 experience!

So last night I had logged on to find my base gone, again. No surprise, I was used to it. Part of the risk of living at Whitesprings – but it's hard to resist that sweet, sweet flat ground.

Anyways, newly homeless I decided to relocate closer to Vault 76 in the hopes of having some player interaction and maybe doing some trading or craft to help new players.

In the middle of building, two players in police uniforms and hats stroll up to me and start asking me questions in a twangy WV accent. One was the sheriff and the other was his deputy, a somewhat simple man with a tenuous grasp on reality but who clearly believed in his job.

They wanted to see my permit for building on a public roadway, and I was a little confused so I relayed this to them. To the best of my knowledge a fair number of high yield atomic bombs had fallen on and around the state of West Virginia about 25 years prior and as far as I understood it there was no longer any infrastructure or government so to speak of.

They considered this to be questioning their authority and decided that the proper response was to beat me to death and blow my body into chunks with some kind of ordnance.

I returned to the scene, and began to argue with them. I let them know I thought it was a pretty egregious abuse of power and demanded to know their badge numbers and the department they worked for.

When the deputy told me his badge number was "4" I began to question their validity as policemen. It occured to me that it was entirely likely these were no more than common ruffians who had happened upon dead policemen, taken their uniforms, and were now patrolling the wastes harassing honest citizens.

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When I made this fact known they decided that they had enough of my back talk and questioning and informed me they were now seizing my home. Before I could respond, they opened the front door, walked in, and closed it.

I promptly found myself homeless again.

I stood out front of my house arguing for a while, until they finally ran me off "their" property with a hail of gunfire at my feet and a slew of southern phrases that I couldnt understand at all but felt like insults.

It. Was. Amazing.

Thank you so much to those two players, that was an amazing experience. I wish more people would RP a bit because theres a lot of cool roles to play in the Fallout universe, and it really really makes the game interesting.

Anways, heres a picture of them mocking me from MY OWN ROOF as I stand dejected below.

Corrupt Cops

EDIT: A few people have asked about my walls. They're "Metal Building Set" from the Watoga Vendor (the one in the city, not the station). Also, I'll take the time to show off my recently liberated and completed base :P. Its set up by the bridge near Overseers camp, designed to be a trading post/rest area. Here it is, the compound. Main base with crafting stations, lounge, kitchen and bedrooms + attached power armor garage, nearby artillery battery and bridge checkpoint!

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