Thanks Bethesda and the Fallout community

fallout 1 - Thanks Bethesda and the Fallout community

Originally I thought I was gonna return the games because of the bugs but a friend of mine told me to tough it out and I am glad I did. I have gotten into pc gaming like never before after the friend that I mentioned before donated his old desktop components to me. I added a few things the parts needed to get a gaming computer up and running and I was up and gaming! I have some pretty serious issues I am going through with PTSD and depression, the game helps me get distracted with all of the looting, grinding, trading, missions, and so much more. I recently found a personal reason to love this game, which I never really had with any game before. This may not seem like a big deal to everyone else, theres a poster of a pip boy asking if I remembered to take my meds today. It may sound stupid as hell but it helps me remember despite my phone alarms, calendar reminders, pill case with dates. Sometimes the meds just make me forgetful as hell or I zone out but I always see the poster on the way out of my base. I recently gave my entry level gaming laptop to my son so that we can play together while I am home as I have joint custody of him. I used to be more social but after starting my meds I have become a home body and have been more anxious in social situations so we text a lot and plan to play fallout(and fortnite) when he gets the laptop in the mail. Anyone having any luck playing this game on an older alienware M11x? I just need something cheap that will play the game while I am on the road cause I am sure there are tablets that can play this game but I cant afford that or justify getting it for just a game, even if I used it for online education. Any suggestions would be good! Anyhow I wanted to say thanks to Bethesda, the community, and my friend, again, if he reads this. I have always liked video games but this one…I just cant explain. https://gyazo.com/be6b097d07338e9c5ac14bdac291274f


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