Thanks to the FO76 community

fallout 5 - Thanks to the FO76 community

Sorry for the wall of text, just wanted to share.

To preface, I am loving the grind of this game. I'm not in any rush, prefer to run solo and like the details and getting used to the game mechanics. I am on Xbox, now L76 rifleman build.

I am also very new to FO76 and multi player games in general. After fumbling through my first 20 levels (and running away from high levels who seem to be CONSTANTLY popping up near me… I know why I shouldn't have, now) I got caught out in the Whitespring golf club quest and mobbed by ghouls up to 40+ levels higher than me. Of course I died, but I gotta get my junk so I took out my recently acquired 50 cal and run around spitting lead until I ran out of bullets. I was cognisant enough to run towards the biggest building I could find and ended up getting whiplash once I got into Whitespring proper.

So I joined this sub, for spoilers. Read all about the main hurdles; SBQ (Scorched Beasts in general), Earle, Sheepsquatch etc. Of course most of the references flew over my head but they were helpful. Someone mentioned here if you're chased by a SB run and hide in a building if you can… which was great advice as I did end up wandering past the fissure site near the Ash Heap and got chased by SB and her mob. Ended up leading them towards Striker's Row which I wasn't aware before was populated by Gutsy's and a couple of Assaultrons. I let them duke it out while I hid and fast travelled out of there (I wish I could've seen who won though).

By level 50+ and I completed Lying Lowe and Recruitment Blues, I decided I needed to get better gear and get to a higher level to be able to streamline perks and test out mutations before completing Belly of the beast…. and I sure recognised the dreaded Sheepsquatch from this sub (how is it a misc. quest?! No wonder lower levels keep triggering Encryptid) . Fast forward to 2 days ago (at level 72) and I decided to gird my loins and join these events to see what's in my future.

Thanks to you guys I didn't do too shabby, and I definitely enjoyed them. Of course SBQ events happened more often so everytime the announcement came up on my server I would fast travel to the nearest stash, dump my junk and extraneous weight (great pointer for hoarders like me), grabbed my T60, Lunchbox, gatling plasma and big guns bobblehead, equipped my health and big guns perks (I'm primarily a rifle build), chugged Quantums and Corn soup (great for AP regen) and joined the crew. Did 4 of these in 1 night. I was lucky in that there were plenty of high levels in my server and I had resources to burn through. We failed once and that was most probably because no one brought a Cryolator (players who dedicate the event for this job I want to be you when I grow up! So if anyone has a lead on legendary one of this, I'd really appreciate it). Did a couple more today and am now up 16 SB's on my tagged count. I like to think I contributed (the loot has been killing my stash weight and I was today years old when I found out about the scrip limit).


Tried to do Encryptid on the same day but the event was over before I could even join. I still have my recall card but I wanted to see how it is before I use my 1 free shot. I read a lot of posts/PSA from you guys about how this is supposed to run so that was super helpful. I was also dragging my feet for 20 levels about which legendary perk to choose and finally settled on Electric Absorption (helpful for this, SBs and my future silo run)

I finally got the chance to join Encryptid today. I grabbed my Vampire 50 cal and went in my T60 (protocoled), full health, chugged Nukas and ate some grilled SBs (amazing HP boost), ready to pylon all 3 if needed. Got lucky that there were at least 4 over 200s there and I got there before the end of the countdown. It was amazing, as chaotic as advertised but so much fun if you kind of know what to expect. The ISS definitely drilled into me and that laser is no joke. The pylons were all taken by the time I got my wits about me so I decided to aggro her (?) instead to make sure those on duty can heal/hide/escape. She was relentless so finally I died. I was revived quickly, but at this point one of the pylons needed to be repaired. My health was up so I decided to jump in reactivate it and immediately legged it down the hill (like so many people have suggested here) and didn't stop until notification of completion.

All this chaos within 7 mins, I literally cannot imagine doing this at level 20 or 40. Definitely got off light; my protocoled PA, Electric Absorption, L2 Field Surgeon and L2 First Aid worked wonders with 1 pylon (used about 6-8 stims altogether but most was from when I was getting up close and personal with the ISS). I reckon this config can take on all 3 pylons (with consumable boosts for HP, upgraded superstim and investment in sneak perks) no problem, so when it's my turn to activate the card I won't have to worry that no one will do it. But definitely will join the event again before that (got the outfit and the Assaultron head plans, but definitely want the fixer and matching head of the outfit)

Anyways, all this is to say thank you to the community for the helpful suggestions and even the complaints. Definitely made the game so much more enjoyable for me when I'm not running around like a headless chicken, dying left and right. You are all amazing.

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