That other obscure Blade Runner reference involving New Vegas, perfume, and the Ink Spots.

fallout 1 - That other obscure Blade Runner reference involving New Vegas, perfume, and the Ink Spots.

We're coming up on the November 2019 date mentioned in the film.

As many of you know, there are several Blade Runner references in Fallout, with the most obvious being the general plot of Fallout 4 and several direct Easter eggs.

All of these are among the first results in the Google.

Yet, there's one more in New Vegas that's seemingly escaped notice.

First, the background.

New Vegas
><noscript><img src= - That other obscure Blade Runner reference involving New Vegas, perfume, and the Ink Spots.

It was recorded in the same year as "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" on November 17, just before that "day which will live in infamy". The Talking Bass, Hoppy Jones, would die in 1944 from a cerebral hemorrhage. After many lineup changes due to the war and internal strife, the group would formally breakup in 1954. This did little to forestall the rise of various impostor groups recording under the Ink Spots name with the newly invented vinyl LP record, debuted in 1948.

Lead singer, Bill Kenny would die in 1978. However, he apparently recorded a new album with a new backing studio group in stereo called If I Didn't Care, named after the group's first big hit. This was released in 1979, the year after his death. The various formats of the album vaguely insist it is previously released material or conveniently omits that it is re-recorded material on the LP release.

In fact, it is the only Ink Spots recording used in Fallout that's not a Decca Records shellac 78 and credited to "Dominion Entertainment" instead of "Geffen Records" in the end credits of the games.


Meanwhile, director Ridley Scott was riding on a wave of fame after the release of Alien in 1979. To keep up his directing chops, he made a series of commercials for Chanel No. 5, the perfume. The first was the

with a woman lounging by a pool with the tagline “Share the Fantasy”.

The second came out in


There are several different versions with dialog, but they all feature the same images of the mysterious woman and man and personal questions.

The curious thing about the commercial is that it uses the re-recording of “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” from this very same album. The commercial garnered a feature in the December 14, 1982 issue of the New York Times, but it does not mention the discrepancy in the recordings.
The recording proved so popular in France that it led to a reissue of the album in 1983 with a new cover evoking scenes from the commercial spot and sprinkling of piano present in the commercial, but not in the original 1979 album.

Later the same year in 1982, Ridley Scott would complete Blade Runner which featured similar imagery from the commercial

. This was cut from the theatrical release and

. The original Ink Spots tune is restored depending on which version of the movie you have.


Nearly identical replacements seems to be the common motif here, whether it be synths, replicants, or re-recordings and soundalikes.

Was it intentional? Did some New Vegas developer fantasize about a perfume commercial from 40 years ago that brought inspiration to Blade Runner? Or did someone wonder why this version of an Ink Spots song was so much cheaper?

Bonus! Here’s that version of “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie” played in the most 70s way possible: a Weltron Space Helmet 8 track player with a lava lamp.

Admittedly 8 tracks are probably the closest things to holotapes in Fallout, but you can see in the middle of the video one of their many quirks and why people hated/have fond memories of them.

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