The “21:9 fix” is basically just an .ini edit!

fallout 2 - The "21:9 fix" is basically just an .ini edit!

Bethesda, this is getting a bit embarrassing. We waited patiently for the ultrawide fix, and when you said you were working on it and it "looked great in our labs", I expected a perfect ultrawide fix. But what you've delivered after a month from the games release is basically an .ini edit!!

Please refer to these snaps: https://imgur.com/a/XSe6Mc9

Please observe how the text is so evidently stretched, how the sliders are so large and how the menu options and workbench menus are so oddly enlarged!

Further, you said that you had to take extra care with the 21:9 fix to ensure no animations are broken, yet please refer to the last picture wherein the water animation is completely broken now, never saw that before!

Bethesda, I'm trying really hard to just overlook things and not make negative posts to further mess the moral up at your studios, but seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Are you seriously saying that this was a months worth of work into getting the 21:9 support fixed?! In a day and age when launching without it was itself so amazingly unbelievable?


It looks just like it did when the ini edit is done, just like in Fallout4. However, thanks to the community, there is a great ultrawide fix for FO4 on Nexus and that makes the game and menus look so good! I honestly thought we were getting that from you since you were taking so long to fix it!!

This is embarrassing Bethesda, are you really saying this is the ultrawide support possible? When you "bent old technology in ways you didn't think possible" you can't fix this little thing that the modding community did so well with your even older technology!

Don't know what I should expect going further!

EDIT: For a comparision with Fallout4 with the aforementioned ultrawide mod, please see the screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/9DK3UGf

Read:  I played the beta yesterday for the first time and it wasn't that bad.

Notice the crisp text and perfect sizing and overall great look. Done by modders on even older Bethesda tech! And given Bethesda were taking a month for this, this is actually what I expected!

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