The Adventures of No One In Particular, or how I learned to stop planning and let the game guide me.

fallout 3 - The Adventures of No One In Particular, or how I learned to stop planning and let the game guide me.

Backstory/motivation for the "build"

I wanted to start a new character and see what would develop if I simply used whatever came my way rather than planning my build, so I came up with the idea of No One In Particular. As the idea for this character developed in my mind I decided to take it one step further and turn it into a "no crafting" run as well.

NIP is the most generic, basic person to emerge from the vault. They didn't learn any useful combat or crafting skills, they're not particularly social, and their only notable personality quirk is a deep seated hatred of robots stemming from an unfortunate incident involving a prototype Fisto-esque robot.

NIP doesn't like being weighed down, so they can only carry one ranged weapon and one melee weapon. If they find a new weapon that they like better, the old one gets scrapped, and unneeded legendary stuff gets sold in the vending machine or turned into scrip.

Due to the hatred of robots, NIP refuses to do business with the robo vendors, so all caps come from missions or selling thing in the vending machines. Similarly, if there's any plans or ammo I need/want, it has to come from other players. This created some interesting challenges early on as NIP was forced to choose between walking to the next destination or using some of their meager cap pile to FT there.

Remember, NIP has no combat or crafting skills, so when it's time to choose a perk they have no idea what those are or why they would pick them, so NIP chooses whatever useful "quality of life" perks like Good Doggy that pop up, or something to help avoid being injured (Lone Wanderer, Serendipity, etc). Any combat perks that come from perk packs are fair game, but that's it.

The lack of crafting skills means NIP can't craft any weapons, armor, chems, or ammo. They couldn't find anyone selling low level gear, and wouldn't have had the money to buy it, so it took NIP until level 11 until they actually had a full set of (mismatched) armor. At one point NIP ran out of ammo for their pipe pistol and was forced to use a combat knife until finding a new weapon that used the ammo on hand.

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It also pushed NIP to participate in every low level event that popped up in hopes of getting a decent weapon or piece of armor to drop, so they ran things like Leader of the Pack, Fertile Soil, and Death Blossoms that high level players typically wouldn't bother with. NIP got super lucky when Uranium Fever popped up around level 12. There were several high level players that were nice enough to let NIP tag the legendary miners as well as revive when needed. Walking out of there with a 1 star anti armor hunting rifle and a 1 star regenerating leather arm felt like winning the fucking lottery.


All in all, this has been an incredibly fun playthrough so far. The lack of ammo and armor made the first few levels stupidly challenging, and the scarcity of stims (remember, they can't craft healing salve) forces NIP to choose their battles carefully and fight strategically rather than simply running in guns blazing. NIP died. A Lot.

The rules for this challenge should you choose to accept it:

  • Only 1 ranged weapon, 1 melee weapon, 1 of each armor piece, and one outfit. If you find something better you have to scrap, scrip, or sell (to humans), the old pieces.

  • No crafting – You can modify your gear if you happen to know the plans or find a mod, but that's it. The only exception I've made to to this is cooking simple food recipes, because even a fucking moron can boil some water to make corn soup or grill up some wolf ribs. I tried avoiding that at first, but I found myself ending up with too many diseases from eating raw food, and disease cures are few and far between.

  • No shopping at the robo vendors. Period. You have to buy and sell everything from other players.

  • No picking any perks that increase your combat effectiveness, including the direct damage perks, perks that increase sneak damage, etc. If one drops from a perk pack you can equip it, but that's it.

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FWIW, I'm now at level 18 and have the following gear: level 10 AA hunting rifle, level 10 vampire pole hook, a level 5 cloaking RL, level 10 life saving RA, a regular level 10 leather LL, and a level 10 regenerating LA. I tend to eat and drink almost everything shortly after I receive it, which has led to an unfortunate addiction to alcohol and psycho, but it also means my carry weight is low so I have room to gather tons of junk.

Since I don't craft anything I don't need most of the junk, so the vast majority of my my meager income comes from bulking it and selling to to other players. While I was typing this, someone came along and bought 15+ bulk lead, 20+ bulk steel, some bulk acid, and a couple other things, so I have over 1k caps for the first time, and now it's time to go shopping.

Thanks for reading, and happy adventuring!

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