The Alien Blaster’s Fall From Glory

fallout 7 - The Alien Blaster's Fall From Glory

It's no secret that the Alien Blaster in Fallout 76 is… underwhelming. With low damage, rare ammunition, and a conversion mod that makes it totally unusable, the gun is little more than a novelty in the game's current state. The Alien Blaster was once one of the most prized weapons a player could find, though it has endured a rough decline since Fallout 3 before hitting rock bottom in 76.


A LOOK BACK AT EACH ITERATION: https://imgur.com/C0z2eJW


Part of me hopes that Bethesda has something bigger planned for this weapon. In Fallout 3 and New Vegas, the Alien Blaster was a force to be reckoned with. A true end-game weapon that could get you out of almost any dangerous situation.


Fallout 3 Alien Blaster

  • THE GOOD: 100 base damage per shot with a guaranteed critical… 200 damage per shot before enemy resistances or additional modifiers. Effective DPS of 600 since it could fire 3 times per second.

  • THE BAD: Finite amount of ammo (though F3 was much more generous than future iterations). Not to be used carelessly, as once it's gone, it's gone. This was the main downside to using this gun. However, with all the DLCs, you could potentially get upwards of 1,100 rounds if you found all of them. A very healthy albeit finite amount overall.


Fallout New Vegas Alien Blaster

  • THE GOOD: 75 base damage with proper skills. Guaranteed critical shot, though this go-around it only added 50 damage on top of the base damage. This gun was still quite powerful, even if Obsidian toned it down just a little bit. Still worth keeping for those sticky situations, and I recall this being my weapon of choice for the Deathclaw Promontory.

  • THE BAD: Same as before, though FNV left you a much more limited amount of ammo than F3. You could expect anywhere from 150-250 but that was it, so it had to be used much more carefully. The fire rate was also nerfed slightly, closer to 2 shots per second instead of 3. Additionally, if you didn't pick Wild Wasteland, you could never get it, even if you switched traits mid-game. Though some would say the unique Gauss Rifle you could find instead was well worth this trade-off.


Fallout 4 Alien Blaster

  • THE GOOD: A handful of customization options arrived with Fallout 4, and the Fusion Mag allowed for continuous use at a small hit to the base damage. Treated as a silent weapon, it also boasted a high rate of fire and low AP cost for VATS use. It was usuable, though more of a fan service than an end-game weapon.

  • THE BAD: No longer the 1-shot monster from it's glory days, the base game's Alien Blaster saw it's damage drop all the way down to 50 per shot. HOWEVER, Bethesda ultimately added the Hub's Alien Blaster in the Nuka World DLC, which had more in common with it's predecessors than the base game variant. With the inherent Lucky pre-fix, the critical meter filled faster and each critical shot did double damage. Not quite the same as a guaranteed crit every time, but it felt like a conscious effort by Bethesda to make it more similar to past variations.


And that brings us to Fallout 76… Not much to say that hasn't been said already. It has terribly low base damage, collecting ammunition is a grind and a half (server hopping for maybe a dozen rounds at a time), and the fusion mag decimates it's already poor damage to the single digits. As it stands, the Alien Blaster is a true novelty and a collector's item at best.


I do hope that one day it gets the buff it deserves, particularly to the Fusion Mag attachment. While I don't expect it to reclaim it's Fallout 3 level of glory, it would be nice to see such a unique and beloved weapon have a place in the game.

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