the atom shop pictures rant

fallout 8 - the atom shop pictures rant

Upon loading up the game today, I was greeted with the usual news pop up that lists current in game events and bundles for the atom shop, to my joy a new wave of nuka cola goods had arrived. I looked at the advertised picture showing all available, looked pretty good I thought, so I hopped over to the atom shop, and this is where I started to get annoyed, in the picture on the news pop up it shows the items for the bundle, but on the table there’s a nuka cola 6 pack, single nuka colas, a single wine bottle, a single beer bottle and a lunchbox, THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLES OR AVAILABLE TO BUY! They are assets used to decorate the world, but Bethesda goes “hay lets use them to decorate our camp advertisements”, this really makes me mad (hulk smash!). its deceptive and misleading, it’s like saying they can have the potential to be camp items, but never will. Bethesda basically saying don’t bother building something that looks lived in or realistic or unique, cause that’s for “developers only”.

now as a day one beta player, Im starting to get pissed with this, every week since game release the atom shop has had these pictures of either camp items with world item assets decorating the picture or camp item pictures that have other camp items that ain’t available in the atom shop in the same picture and some of those camp items have never even been sold at any stage (Bethesda forgotten about them?)


THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE BETHESDA!!!! You need to allow for world asset items to be placed or learned as plans via rewards for old events ( helps bring life to old events, plus NOT sold through the atom shop means we are not getting drip feed 7 of these items a week) allow us to actually have this stuff to decorate our camps make them looked lived in. Sell camps items you’re shown in pictures but never released ( this also applys to the old data mined stuff that’s never shown up either ). Or you could just stop putting them your advertisements and pictures (pffft not gonna happen)

I know you’re making a killing from this game Bethesda, and you probably think you’re making good money, but your marketing department has to be pretty stupid/ lazy if they haven’t realised they could be making a hell of a lot more if they actually sold forgotten camp items that never been in store, made 3 more new bundles each week instead of one, made faction bundles permanently in store, rotated old camp items more regularly or made world assets into camp items, hell this whole reddit is flooded everyday with good ideas, but it feels as though Bethesda is staffed with a pack of blind monkeys

Rant over……..

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