The Ballad of the Shotgunner

fallout 3 - The Ballad of the Shotgunner

So today, I broke the norm and said "I need to level my poor neglected shotgunner build, get some quests done on him, etc" and played for almost the whole day, on and off (I spent some downtime in external projects, but I digress.)

I took two workshops and built them into booze fields with resource mining. Huzzah. Took a heap of damage and needed to repair my armor before it broke.

…not enough ballistic fiber. Oh joy. We roll our eyes and continue on.

West Tek's quest comes up on our journey to Roslynn's Memorial, decide to sidetrack.

And here begins the tale.

Inside, the shotgun breaks. He pulls out a second shotgun, runs out of ammo.

He rifles through his loot bag, pulls out a two star Ultracite Laser Pistol with some middling rolls, whatever, we've got fusion cells. Run out of those too.

He rolls his eyes and loots an Assault Rifle and all the 5.56 off the Super Mutants he's murdered. He's made it to the second part of the West Tek quest I'm gonna nickname "the murder hole"; a small corridor with like 20 Super Mutants who all wanna say hi as you try to get through them and finish the quest.

We get in the door with the passcode, toss a molotov in and aggro apparently everybody despite hitting just one dude.

Armor begins being blown apart piece by piece. It's like the Robocop murder scene. Once. Twice. Three times. I need the junk I salvaged back to repair the armor, dammit! Not a single drop of ammo left for a gun I'm holding.

Fourth time in, I sit at the Survival Tent, angry while he sleeps off the Radaway he had to take. Just the chest piece has survived, and barely. It's an Auto-Stim, we can do this.

Old Reliable, a lv 20 long bow bar flame chainsaw, calls from the stash box. He answers with slipping on his Slugger and Barbarian perks and taking the bad boy out of his box.

We rush it, and to our delight, the lv 68 that was wedged within the pile of lv 22's in the murder hole is outside said murder hole.

Crouch low, aim high. Sawed the top off the bottom with ease. We're both cackling. We break in.

The first floor of the murder hole has four SM's floating around. Then three. Then two.

We back one into a wall, letting the Auto-Stim proc as we rev the chain. Charging in, we get the green bastard to half health an-


…we didnt pick up the loot bag. It's all gone. The four pieces of armor? Good as scrap now. Both farms? Gone. All that ammo and those stimpaks? Wasted.


I take a break, decide poking myself with sewing needles will calm my boiling blood. It does.

I fix this junk of crap, get the disc working again, and decide to have a modicum of cathartic revenge.

With molotovs and the chainsaw, we plow through the front gate of West Tek, taking little damage and nobody really lives long enough to do any. Loot the bodies for caps and ammo, run in.

I throw out chainsaw deaths and molotovs like I'm some sort of post-apocalyptic Oprah, and I finish that damn site quest. 70 caps and around 500 xp.

That was so not worth it.

But what was worth it was the loot.

A lv 68 legendary overlord was waiting in the control room. A three star dropping a one star item, ya don't say! -_-.

It's a Berserker's Minigun. And he's given me a generous amount of 5mm.

I cackle at the roll. Surely Based God Todd was rewarding me for my malice and perseverance.

I use the minigun with gusto and glee, taking out second floor sniper-weenies with it.

Finish West Tek, then use the minigun to make mincemeat out of the Deathclaw at Roslynn's Memorial, go back to Rose, go to Arktos, finish that.

And then, klaxons.

I look to the map.

Who the crap bombs Watoga?

And then I see it. My shotgunner pointing to the southwestern trainyard map point. Thar be loot and death to get to.

Ha HA. Get your hazmat suit honey, and let's go.

So we get down there to NAR Repair Yard, and oh hey, there's a Deathclaw. Not a lv 91 Deathclaw, but certainly not a weenie.

He whips out the repaired combat shotgun and goes for the legs. That poor Deathclaw's knees didn't know who they were dealing with (a fully spec'd shotgunner that's who), and that big lizard goes down to the ground, confusedly swinging in pain.

A trio of ants show up from around a corner and swarm. They want some lead for lunch too? Fine.

I begin peppering their ranks as they approach an-


I set my controller down in defeat this time. I go to bed and have a short nap. I'm tired, and this game just ragequit on me twice. I need a vacation.

-minor edit- I forgot my east and my west; I just woke up from the aforementioned nap.

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