The Best and Worst of the Fallout 4 Creation Club

fallout 2 - The Best and Worst of the Fallout 4 Creation Club

With the end of the Creation Club I thought it might be a good idea to highlight a few of the best downloads and a few of the worst. Now this isn't to say they were necessarily worth their price at release but if you find them on a really good sale at some point. It might be worth picking them up. Likewise, there are items that def deserve to mentioned for being great and horrible but I only have so much time.


– Speak of the Devil: While there are quite a few great quest mods with great content none is quite as good as "Speak of the Devil". You follow the footsteps of a former Enclave member who rebranded himself as a local super hero known as the "Black Devil". Once completed you will receive a magnificently crafted X-02 Tesla Power Armor set and treated to a impactful story about a man coming to terms and attempting to atone for his role in a horrific regime.

– Sentinel Control System Companion: A super cool addition that allows you to have a third companion in the form of an automated power armor set. It is without a doubt the best functional addition to the game. Along with a solid short story about a local Brotherhood patrol it is something I no longer want to play the game without.

– Virtual Workshop: By far the best workshop addition to the game (possibly including the normal DLC). Using a virtual world pod, you may go to any one of 4 locations to build customs settlements. With an enormous build cap, unlimited resources, and an amazing sandbox environment. It allows people (like me) who love building settlements to go wild and build to their hearts content.



– Modular Military Backpack: This is bad because they literally introduced a gameplay mechanic that is essentially pay to win. It's not the end of the world because it's single player. But there is no story in what is a $4 item to make survival mode easier…

– Graphic T-Shirt pack: They're charging money for putting pre-existing in game graphics on existing t-shirt models. It's basically not new content and something you can get for free online.

– Fantasy Hero Set: So the reason this one sucks is because it really captures a very specific problem with creation club distilled into one piece of content. It has a short and mediocre quest, combined with selling us reused assets from Skyrim into one package. There is content such as "From Hell" or "The Crucible" who have really cool weapons but no story or visa versa. But none of these sets reaches quite this level of mediocrity.

Honorable Mentions:

"Tunnel Snakes Rule" gives "Speak of the Devil" a run for it's money in terms of story and reward. A goofy but fun story involving a post fallout 3 Wally Mack and a beautiful unique "classic 10mm pistol" called "Ultimatum" with a unique irradiation effect.

"Paper Mirror", "Burned on the River", & "Captain Cosmos" are all great story quests with cool and unique rewards. They don't quite equal the two mentioned above but they're still great.

I know this isn't exactly worth it to an average person but I love the "prototype Gauss Rifle" and am more than happy to overpay for it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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