The best Camp Spot I’ve ever found. “It’s a secret to everyone.”

fallout 5 - The best Camp Spot I've ever found. "It's a secret to everyone."

DISCLAIMER AND INTRODUCTION: I've been playing 76 since maybe a week before Wastelanders came out. I've setup camp in many locations over time and found many good locations for resources, or areas with great views or places where my camp is never attacked by NPCs/Enemies. (as well as other spots not constantly taken by other players)

But I have one specific location that I would classify as the best Camp location I've ever had. With the new update coming soon that will allow us to save camp locations and builds at multiple sites (though only one active at a time) I don't mind sharing this spot with others. To date, I have not once had this spot occupied by another player, so I assume this isn't a well known spot.

LOCATION AND WHY IT'S MY FAV: Head east of Drop SIte C-2 and Old Mold Quarry.

As you head towards the edge of the map, you should notice a Cultist Bon Fire. Head towards it and kill the three cultists. Once in a while one of the three is a legendary.

When the site is cleared, build your camp here and setup some turrets facing the fire / where they spawned. 3 or 4 turrets should do.

Almost every time you or another player fast travels to your camp, three more cultist will spawn, just chillin. Your turrets will mow them down Within seconds.

I said almost every time because you can't just fast Travel away and then back, expecting them to spawn. There's a couple of minutes of cooldown between each spawn. (like 5 or 10 mins)

If you go off to do a bunch of stuff elsewhere on the map, for say 30 mins or more, then come back, you'll be greeted by a bunch of meat piles and paper bags full of loot. You can easily grab several legendaries by essentially doing nothing.

(check around the water and grass as some of the cultists might last a few seconds to get away from the bon fire before dying)

Most times it's just 1 and 2 stars, but there have been a few 3 stars here and there. With the RNG of the purveyor being so terrible, I certainly don't mind passive farming random legendaries this way.

Note that if you don't have active vendors or nothing showing up on the map that may interest players, you reduce the spawn rate since they only spawn when someone shows up. In other words, if you're the only one showing up to your camp, then you'll only have the initial spawn when you loaded into the game at your camp and again when you return, so two chances at loot drops. (+ any other time you fast Travel back later) – The more fast travels to your camp, the more loot you get and the greater chance at legendaries.


There's other sites on the map that allow you to setup camp next to an enemy spawn point, but this is my go-to spot. Since it's near the edge of the map, this Bon fire is pretty much the only spot you have to worry about enemy attacks, so can setup turrets just at the fire.

Sometimes floaters or mirelurks will come from the north, but in my experience, I can count on one hand the times this occurred.

The land is also flat and plenty of area to build a large camp. You also have water on both sides for water purifiers.

You also have regular Scorchbeasts flying nearby yet not close enough to target your camp.

And once in a while you can also encounter a Nuclear Key Card Cargo Bot Convoy flying by. Not often but once in a while.

And you also have a decent and safe view of the nukes dropping on the SBQ.

Speaking of which, you're a hop skip and a jump away from the SBQ and many players tend to take a trip to my vendors / workbenches after fighting it.

You're also near the Abandoned Bog Town Workshop, a few caps away from Watoga and just south of the Robco Research Centre for the AWOL event.

Sure there's no resource node, but the regular farming of the cultists gets you plenty of gear to scrap and ammo to use/sell. Great way to get Handmades for scrapping for plans as well. (a lot of cultist blades and oddly pitchforks too)

Out of all the places I've setup at, this place has the most pros and the least amount of cons.

If you're looking for a good spot to move to, give it a shot for a couple of days and let me know what you think.

I've since moved to living on top of a billboard, so have at it. I'm sure I'll be back there again soon enough. In the meantime, someone else can check this spot out. I have other spots.

ADDED: Damn, I forgot to mention that once in a rare while, a Mothman does actually spawn here as well. I only recall it spawning 5 or 6 times so far, so very rare. But it does happen. Turrets make short work of it.

And travelling merchants also show up once every day or two.

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