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I was very hesitant to buy Fallout 76. I read bad reviews and generally dislike playing multiplayer online games as nothing good ever seems to come of it. I'm not a competitive person when gaming – it's my escape from a high-paced workplace. But my love of the previous Fallout games meant that once the game became cheap enough, I thought I’d give it a go. And I am so glad I did. I enjoy 76 more than any other Fallout and it’s all because to the part I thought I would dislike the most – other human players!

I enjoy quite a few things in the game. I enjoy finding newbies and gifting them recipes, stimpaks, and .38 and 10mm ammo. It can get annoying when for some reason some of them keep running off while I am dropping them loot. But most are fine and I can always tell when they don’t know how to use the emotes, they sort of jump and bob up and down to say thanks. I enjoy going to other players camps and checking out their creativity and saying hi.

One of my favourite moments was when some level 25 guy turned up to help me defend my workshop. We both had voice, so I said thanks for the help. He was surprised and said the only other players he'd met had always killed him which surprised me also, so we just hung out for a bit. I showed him how workshops worked, gave him some ammo, added him as a friend before we went our own ways.


But the best moment was when a high level player came to my themed camp (Hangar 17), and after looking around, gave me a heart emote and then a group photo emote. I've had players give me positive feedback before like a thumbs up but a group photo was something new to me. We went to the front of my camp and posed for the camera while he took a selfie, then he thanked me with a gift before flashing the thumbs up and heading off into the wilderness. My only regret was not working out how to take a selfie at the same time, but it still makes me smile that someone enjoyed my camp that much! Here is my camp if anyone wants to take a look! https://imgur.com/gallery/eYAQd0y

The low moments have been few and far between. Once a high level guy was contending my workshop (fair enough) then continued chasing me and killing me even when I was outside the workshop area and clearly didn’t want to fight. It also annoys me when I go through the heartache of taking a workshop and then the game crashes – fortunately rare though. And dying to some stupid ant after defeating the SBQ and losing all my flux to some random who picked up my junk before I could respawn – that sucked.

But these are rare and I’ve been loving the game, and all my favourite moments involve interactions with you guys and girls! I also enjoy this sub and reading everyone else's experiences. Cheers to all who make this game great despite its flaws.

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